IRC logs for #openttd on OFTC at 2023-03-22
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00:57:47 <jtreed> free nudes
00:57:47 <jtreed>
00:57:47 <jtreed> all all
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01:07:46 <audigexJon> wyndbain: Olionkey looks like you guys are online, maybe?
01:08:48 <audigexJon> 10/10 service, would be moderated by again
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01:09:47 <Olionkey> nah
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08:13:24 <petern>
08:13:24 <petern> God damn it, stupid off-road routing :/
08:17:40 <andythenorth> what's the elevation change? 😛
08:22:59 <petern> Barely
09:37:46 <pickpacket> Hmmm. How do I make a NewGRF that changes the HQ sprites?
09:38:00 <pickpacket> I can't find it in the NML wiki
09:38:18 <pickpacket>
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09:38:35 <Brickblock1> you just replace the baseset sprites
09:39:02 <Brickblock1> using:
09:39:02 <Brickblock1>
09:40:40 <petern> Yup, just sprite replacement.
09:41:45 <pickpacket> nice! Thanks :)
09:44:47 <pickpacket> errrrhh... I'll have to dig to see if I can find a list of different sprites
09:45:22 <pickpacket> the "list of realsprites" link is self-referencing O.o
09:46:07 <pickpacket> and the server at seems to not be working. *sigh*
09:47:06 <Brickblock1> the best way I know of finding the sprite numbers is to look at the sprite aligner ingame
09:48:33 <petern> It's openttdcoop, of course it's not working.
09:53:53 <andythenorth> that could be fixed, but eh
09:54:10 <andythenorth> or it could be shuttered
09:57:50 <pickpacket> <-- tadaa! (haven't looked at it in detail yet)
09:58:58 <pickpacket> wow... looks like a pretty big list of sprites to replace to make a new HQ
09:59:36 <petern> There's a few stages.
10:00:21 <pickpacket> yeah, and a lot of sprites for each stage
10:00:25 <petern> "very tiny piece of wall" is a strange comment to add.
10:00:37 <petern> Well there's 4 tiles.
10:01:01 <pickpacket> plus the weird ones like SPR_MEDIUMHQ_EAST_WALL
10:01:19 <Brickblock1> it isn't that weird
10:01:21 <pickpacket> maybe they'll be hidden? 🤷
10:01:38 <Brickblock1> it is the east tile's wall
10:02:54 <pickpacket> yeah, but does that mean 6 tiles per stage need to be replaced? And why does the wall have it's own sprite? :P
10:03:39 <pickpacket> 29 sprites all in all for the HQ
10:04:01 <pickpacket> for 4 squares in 4 stages each, which in my head should be 16 sprites :P
10:04:30 <Brickblock1> you can probably ignore the wall sprites and just replace them with something transparent
10:04:39 <pickpacket> probably
10:04:55 <Brickblock1> the building sprites are separate to hide them I guess
10:16:22 <petern> Ground and building need to be separate, yeah.
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11:56:11 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] man-of-eel commented on pull request #10538: Show the number of hidden vehicles on the button
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12:42:06 <petern> andythenorth: salad time?
12:47:09 <petern> Curly Kale time?
12:56:03 <Eddi|zuHause> daily "where the hell did i put my phone" time
12:58:30 <petern> Left it in the bathroom
12:58:40 <glx[d]> Call it
12:59:31 <andythenorth> petern: cheese on toast
12:59:36 <andythenorth> maybe some salad
12:59:43 <andythenorth> had curly kale last night for tea
12:59:53 <andythenorth> tea? supper? dinner?
12:59:56 <andythenorth> I have NFI
13:00:22 <andythenorth> I grew up lower middle class in the north, and now live upper middle class in the south, but went to a firmly upper class university
13:00:29 <andythenorth> meal names are very confusing
13:14:50 <petern> Heh
13:17:50 <petern> Not our fault Northerners make up words and get things wrong.
13:44:35 <dP> guess it's time to dust off my desync debugging tools...
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18:37:59 <andythenorth> kamnet: GS could track production in the story book
18:38:10 <andythenorth> no chart, but maybe GS should have drawing tools added
18:38:28 <andythenorth> on a large map it would bloat memory use
18:38:49 <andythenorth> and it would be dog slow in GS
18:40:14 <andythenorth>
18:40:14 <andythenorth> I'm going to track some town stats in story book for FIRS GS
18:46:14 <andythenorth> this one escalated fast
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19:37:36 <frosch> i noticed a shift in the meta recently. people used to call newgrf "mods". now people refer to all modifications including patches as "newgrf"
19:40:16 <frosch> now i wonder whether kids will ask on other games' forums, whether there are any newgrf for them
19:42:37 <frosch> <- also, anyone going to join this? :p
19:42:57 <Brickblock1> Maybe
19:43:27 <Brickblock1> But I guess it would be 100 companies not players
19:43:50 <frosch> yes, they patched the game to up the company limit
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19:44:05 <TrueBrain> very curious what suffered because of that patch 😄
19:44:11 <frosch> next challenge is to explain their users how to install a custom version
19:44:34 <TrueBrain> and poor network stack .. 😄
19:44:45 <frosch> 255 clients is vanilla
19:46:33 <TrueBrain> let's just hope they have an open-server .. not one that requires STUN / TURN 😄
19:46:53 <dP> is the patch published anywhere?
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19:46:58 <frosch> not yet
19:47:19 <dP> hm, wonder how fast can I merge it with cmclient
19:47:24 <dP> playing vanilla is a pain :p
19:48:01 <Brickblock1> would that not break compatibility?
19:48:16 <dP> with vanilla yes
19:49:09 <dP> but I don't plan on releasing it like that, just for myself to play the event
19:49:20 <JGR> There's this one, been on the forum for ages now: <>
19:49:21 <Brickblock1> ah, makes sense
19:49:39 <dP> someone needs to show brit how perfectly balanced openttd really is :P
19:50:13 <frosch> i think they already did two videos about balance in ottd :p
19:51:12 <nielsm> he did a video some years ago demonstrating one of the ways to exploit company shares trading to create money from thin air (skipping any mention of that feature being default disabled in multiplayer)
19:52:16 <dP> yeah, what he showed doesn't even count as exploits in my book :p
19:54:45 <dP> though I'd reckon that game is gonna die pretty quick
19:54:58 <dP> they'll just get to like 3k vehicles and everyone drops
19:55:04 <dP> especially if they do 4k map
19:57:37 <andythenorth> Spiffing Brit is in the channel so we can just ask 🙂
19:58:58 <frosch> was there a question?
19:59:38 <frosch> or just dp's general concern about "will the game die within 1 hours"?
20:01:03 <Brickblock1> some people will probably still be able to play
20:01:16 <dP> those faster than the server xD
20:01:52 <frosch> how many trains did that coop game have?
20:02:19 <dP> 5k but that was finished offline iirc
20:03:56 <frosch> that would be 50 trains per company. i don't think anyone from yogscast built that many in any of their streams
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20:08:35 <dP> well, mh event survived like 8 hours or smth with less than 25 clients
20:09:58 <dP> 4,3k vehicles
20:10:30 <dP> though 4k water map didn't help either
20:11:36 <frosch> how annoying is pausing due to players joining and leaving? :p
20:11:56 <dP> yeah, that would be total lolz if they leave it on
20:13:27 <JGR> Not having it on with a 4K map will likely mean some players not being able to join at all
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20:22:34 <frosch> the factorio stream took 2 hours. not sure whether the average player builds 50 trains in that time
20:23:23 <frosch> but yes, joining may turn it into a shit show. either pausing all the time, or noone able to download and catch up
20:23:35 <dP> don't have to be just trains, rvs or ships would lag it out much faster :p
20:24:33 <dP> without pausing joining may be ok
20:24:36 <frosch> maybe it's better if dp does not join the game 🙂
20:25:24 <frosch> anyway, i don't think openttd will work as well as factorio
20:25:49 <dP> frosch: I'm not gonna lag it, I have better ways of lagging openttd :p
20:26:08 <frosch> <- it took ddrjake 7 hours to turn factorio into a lagging hell with subscribers
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20:26:30 <frosch> i don't think ottd would stay up that long
20:27:15 <dP> yeah, I'd give it 2 hours most
20:27:33 <dP> providing something doesn't break sooner
20:27:59 <dP> so many things that can go wrong...
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21:19:29 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] 2TallTyler commented on pull request #10538: Show the number of hidden vehicles on the button
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21:36:43 <andythenorth> ok so GPT thinks it can play battleships
21:36:45 <andythenorth> it makes a grid
21:36:49 <andythenorth> and it resists cheating
21:37:21 <andythenorth> but it doesn't resist printing out a json example showing the location of its ships
21:37:29 <glx[d]> lol
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21:59:14 <dP> lol gs ui
21:59:14 <dP> 5523144 bytes TownSetText count=62441 avg=88.45380439134543
21:59:14 <dP> 5338563 bytes SetGoalText count=119444 avg=44.69511235390643
21:59:14 <dP> 56463 bytes UpdateStoryPageElement count=1201 avg=47.01332223147377
21:59:14 <dP> 7784 bytes TownGrowthRate count=1946 avg=4.0
21:59:16 <dP> 6084 bytes BuildRailroadTrack count=507 avg=12.0
21:59:16 <dP> 3987 bytes MoveRailVehicle count=443 avg=9.0
21:59:18 <dP> 3794 bytes BuildLongRoad count=271 avg=14.0
21:59:18 <dP> 3576 bytes BuildVehicle count=298 avg=12.0
22:03:58 <andythenorth> profiling?
22:04:12 <dP> counting network commands
22:07:11 <dP> day of command dumps...
22:07:27 <dP> managed to make them readable at last:
22:07:27 <dP> 776816/21 BuildSingleRail(2) res=1 seed=99 company=2 client=29 tile=316992 {'railtype': 64, 'track': 214, 'auto_remove_signals': 4}
22:07:27 <dP> 776817/57 BuildSingleSignal(8) res=1 seed=45 company=2 client=29 tile=316992 {'track': 64, 'sigtype': 214, 'sigvar': 4, 'convert_signal': 0, 'skip_existing_signals': 0, 'ctrl_pressed': 5, 'cycle_start': 0, 'cycle_stop': 0, 'num_dir_cycle': 0, 'signals_copy': 0}
22:07:27 <dP> 776825/35 BuildRailroadTrack(0) res=1 seed=60 company=2 client=29 tile=338457 {'start_tile': 422184192, 'railtype': 18, 'track': 42, 'auto_remove_signals': 5, 'fail_on_obstacle': 0}
22:07:27 <dP> 776827/19 BuildSingleSignal(8) res=1 seed=228 company=2 client=29 tile=338451 {'track': 19, 'sigtype': 42, 'sigvar': 5, 'convert_signal': 0, 'skip_existing_signals': 0, 'ctrl_pressed': 5, 'cycle_start': 0, 'cycle_stop': 0, 'num_dir_cycle': 0, 'signals_copy': 0}
22:08:35 <dP> `'ctrl_pressed': 5` hmm....
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