IRC logs for #openttd on OFTC at 2011-09-28
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03:13:19 <__ln__> good morning
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06:09:08 <Terkhen> good morning
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06:17:10 <planetmaker> moin
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06:30:35 <andythenorth> morning
06:32:53 <planetmaker> hello andythenorth
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06:39:33 <norbert79> Morning
06:39:58 <planetmaker> hello norbert79
06:40:13 <norbert79> Moin planetmaker
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07:01:38 <andythenorth> planetmaker: how is the FIRS supplies algorithm rework coming along?
07:01:47 <planetmaker> slowly
07:02:11 <andythenorth> based on my current game, I think it's going to be the right way to go
07:02:19 <andythenorth> (current game is with the old mechanic)
07:02:38 <andythenorth> current game is flooded with ENSP and FMSP
07:03:26 <andythenorth> I won't get time to help with it until next week :|
07:03:52 <planetmaker> <-- there's the patch queue. But it doesn't work [TM] yet really
07:04:11 <andythenorth> we'll figure it out
07:04:21 <andythenorth> hopefully next week I have some ttd time
07:04:28 <planetmaker> I might not continue till next week either
07:04:29 <andythenorth> this week is a working-hard week
07:04:39 * andythenorth now has to go to work :)
07:04:51 <andythenorth> bye
07:04:55 <planetmaker> bye
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07:19:01 <dihedral> morning
07:19:11 <norbert79> Morning dihedral
07:20:04 <dihedral> :-)
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08:01:24 <dihedral> Brianetta, \o/
08:01:28 <dihedral> not seen you in a long time
08:02:17 <norbert79> Hmm, new Firefox 7 seems no different from 6 so far... I am curious on the memory usage
08:03:47 <Brianetta> Hi
08:04:14 <Brianetta> Wait, FF6?
08:04:30 <Brianetta> I didn't notice any change, but there it is.
08:04:41 <norbert79> FF7 is out :)
08:04:44 <norbert79> Just upgraded
08:05:02 <norbert79> PPA repository already offered, so I upgraded
08:05:28 <norbert79> Can't see any visual changes
08:05:32 <norbert79> which is good
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08:10:23 <norbert79> btw good morning Brianetta
08:16:22 <norbert79> Oh, the trimmed URLs... browser.urlbar.trimURLs -> false, and everything back to old style :)
08:16:49 <planetmaker> trimmed URLs?
08:16:58 <norbert79> yes, FF7 doesn't show http:// anymore
08:17:05 <planetmaker> oh. right
08:17:52 <planetmaker> well. not needed, is it?
08:18:02 <norbert79> I do need it. I am just used to it
08:18:05 <planetmaker> especially as cmd+c copies it with the http://
08:18:12 <peter1138> chrome started doing that ages ago
08:18:21 <norbert79> besides, I know, that https is still shown, but I am also using ftp:// too, and very rare gopher:// too
08:18:25 <norbert79> not using Chrome
08:18:31 <peter1138> it annoys me
08:18:35 <peter1138> yes i know
08:18:42 <peter1138> i'm just saying where they stole that idea from
08:18:56 <planetmaker> well, it shows ftp:/ - so you'll know
08:18:58 <norbert79> It's not really stealing, but luckily it can be turned off
08:19:51 <peter1138> handy. i don't think you can turn it off in chrome
08:21:27 <planetmaker> but what I really find handy is the different gray shades for the domain and rest of URL.
08:21:32 <planetmaker> But that was already in ff6
08:21:56 <norbert79> peter1138: I used Chrome for a bit, but the whole layout annoyed me, could never get friendly with it
08:22:25 <norbert79> peter1138: And I disliked the mthod how it handled 'Tab's... Using seperated memory segments for each, growing memory usage fast to several hundred MB
08:22:54 <planetmaker> My FF uses 300MB, too...
08:23:03 <planetmaker> Nearly right after start
08:26:11 <norbert79> mine started with 87
08:26:19 <norbert79> how many plugins do you have?
08:27:17 <planetmaker> I guess too many... 9
08:29:07 <planetmaker> and 6 plug-ins
08:31:03 <norbert79> Well, I also have a few, it seems it depends on they type of the plugins/addons you have :)
08:31:33 <planetmaker> I bet it does
08:31:48 <norbert79> Guess "Hack the internet" plugin indeed takes a lot of your RAM planetmaker
08:32:06 <planetmaker> yeah. Maybe firebug
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08:34:53 <planetmaker> well... de-activating firebug, collusion and chatzilla reduced the start-up memory fingerprint by 150MB
08:37:46 <peter1138> inefficient :(
08:38:03 <peter1138> nobody except us optimises for memory these days
08:39:30 <Eddi|zuHause> <andythenorth> <-- i think the biggest mistake he made was saying "no strings attached".
08:42:28 <norbert79> peter1138: Not true, LibreOffice is also pretty good at it
08:42:34 <norbert79> peter1138: So there is competition :)
08:43:00 <planetmaker> FF said they reduced the memory print by 30% between FF6 and FF7
08:43:07 <planetmaker> or something along those lines
08:43:27 <norbert79> planetmaker: Don't see any difference, unless they refer to the fact, that FF7 drops the memory used, when not needed.
08:43:46 <norbert79> well, yet they need to work on it
08:43:49 <norbert79> still
08:44:26 <peter1138> oh yeah, i need to try that
08:44:42 <norbert79> I just love how the acroread plugin gets stuck within Firefox when not used anymore
08:44:54 <norbert79> It also did the same under Windows and Linux too
08:45:51 <peter1138> oh, it's not in squeeze proper :S
08:47:05 <norbert79> peter1138: I also use the Mozilla Team PPA for Ubuntu for grabbing FF7
08:48:06 <peter1138> i don't sully my system with ubuntu crap
08:48:52 <appe> morning.
08:49:36 <norbert79> peter1138: Well, I wouldn't call Ubuntu crap for my system. Moved from office XP to Ubuntu, system seems to be twice as fast, yet it's an older T60
08:50:19 <norbert79> peter1138: Memory usage is also within the acceptable range, boots up fast, suspend/sleep works, hibaernation too...
08:50:52 <norbert79> peter1138: The only problems caused by the systems was with pulseaudio, but some minor tuning solved that too
08:51:38 <norbert79> peter1138: It wasn't pleasent with Gutsy, but that was still ok.
08:51:48 <norbert79> peter1138: Now using Lucid.
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12:33:49 <Elukka> hm. NARS gets kinda boring once the diesel era starts, everything's so samey
12:34:01 <Elukka> not NARS' fault, more that of the real thing :P
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13:39:25 <Belugas> hello
13:42:02 <Elukka> what's the chances of a slower town growth option being implemented?
13:42:04 <Elukka> even low is quite fats
13:42:06 <Elukka> fast
13:43:25 <planetmaker> switch it off
13:44:10 <planetmaker>
13:46:06 <Terkhen> Elukka: right now slim :P
13:46:39 <Elukka> i'd rather not turn it completely off, though that could maybe work as a stopgap
13:46:58 <Terkhen> you can also disable "towns build roads"
13:47:35 <__ln__> Elukka: what are the intended characters surrounding the word 'off' in your sentence?
13:47:46 <Elukka> it's supposed to be italics
13:47:50 <Elukka> i guess it might not work outside mirc
13:48:06 <norbert79> Xchat supports only underline and bold
13:48:07 <planetmaker> indeed. "town build roads" is probably a good option
13:48:09 <Elukka> in my experience if an irc client doesn't support bold or italics it just doesn't show
13:48:16 <norbert79> Elukka mirc test
13:48:25 <Elukka> that works
13:48:29 <norbert79> nice
13:48:37 <norbert79> No italic for XCHat though
13:48:50 <planetmaker> nor for limechat ;-)
13:49:00 <norbert79> UnderlineNo underline
13:49:09 * planetmaker sees maybe italics only this way
13:49:09 <peter1138> not many terminals support italics
13:49:12 <planetmaker> no ;-)
13:49:35 <norbert79> ¿ʇɥbıɹ 'sʞɹoʍ 8-ɟʇn ʇnq
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13:50:01 <planetmaker> it does
13:50:06 <norbert79> Nice
13:54:50 <peter1138> echo -e '\e[3mitalics\e[m'
13:54:51 <peter1138> hurr
13:55:13 <peter1138> works in rxvt-unicode
13:55:26 <peter1138> don't think irssi can do it though
13:56:40 <norbert79> "\026\037o\037ne \037t\037wo \037t\037hree"
13:56:44 <norbert79> hmm, doesn't work
13:57:39 <norbert79> eh, never mind
14:03:24 <norbert79> Elukka: How does this appear at you? Test
14:04:59 <Elukka> "Test" is white text with black around it
14:05:30 <norbert79> Elukka: Good... Thanks!
14:06:40 <peter1138> test in black text with white around it
14:07:08 <norbert79> peter1138: so it works for you like for me... Either way it's the reverse code
14:07:17 <norbert79> Unicode 0x16
14:08:49 <peter1138> once upon a time i knew how to switch from 16 foreground/8 background + flashing to 16 foreground/16 background colours
14:08:58 <peter1138> in text mode on a pc
14:09:05 <peter1138> now it's totally irrelevant :p
14:09:39 <Terkhen> :P
14:10:27 <norbert79> peter1138: like this?
14:10:33 <peter1138> there used to be a border colour too
14:10:38 <peter1138> like what?
14:10:42 <norbert79> hah
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14:10:52 <norbert79> Not being shown in colour for you then
14:11:18 <peter1138> well, no not like that then
14:11:43 <norbert79> What client do you use peter1138 ?
14:12:00 <peter1138> irssi
14:12:13 <norbert79> Oh, I see
14:12:58 <peter1138> what do you see?
14:13:25 <norbert79> I see = I understand
14:14:33 <PeanutHorst> ah, I love idioms :)
14:16:15 <norbert79> ☺
14:16:46 <Elukka>
14:16:52 <Elukka> made a coal load, somewhat different to drawing the same in a sprite :P
14:17:03 <norbert79> Niiiice
14:18:24 <norbert79> ʘᴗʘ
14:20:03 <Elukka> crumpled paper, cardboard, sand, paint
14:20:08 <Elukka> wanted to keep it removable
14:20:46 <norbert79> If it would been me i would have used real coal... Just because I am too lame creating fake coal
14:21:12 <Elukka> i didn't have any handy
14:21:20 <Elukka> this seems easier anyway
14:22:08 <norbert79> well done
14:22:21 <planetmaker> looks good
14:22:40 <Elukka> to make 12 more
14:22:48 <norbert79> I would have mixed real sand with some black paint... I wonder if that could have worked
14:23:25 <Elukka> i wanted to do that for track ballast but couldn't make the paint adhere to the sand
14:23:43 <norbert79> ahha... not even regular black?
14:23:49 <Elukka> not sure, i tried brown
14:24:09 <Elukka> oh yeah, i mixed some heavily diluted white glue to it so that the sand/coal is one solid block
14:24:16 <norbert79> paint still might make it sticky though
14:24:30 <Elukka> i wanted some method of coloring loose sand
14:24:32 <Elukka> for ballast
14:24:42 <Elukka> i could then sprinkle on different colors
14:24:46 <norbert79> it's somehow to be made, I have seen coloured sand...
14:24:48 <Elukka> but i didn't figure out a way to do it
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14:32:54 <norbert79> Elukka: - Might be also a good idea
14:33:18 <norbert79> Elukka:
14:33:45 <Elukka> the problem with raw sand even if it could be the right color is that sand has a fair amount of translucent particles
14:33:56 <Elukka> that's ultimately what makes it look like it's just out-of-scale sand
14:34:24 <norbert79> Hmm, I would still try to take a look on these coloured sand packages
14:34:34 <Elukka> hmm
14:34:35 <norbert79> Or just use a bowl and colour on my own :)
14:34:54 <Elukka> would have to know the grain size
14:35:06 <norbert79> you can still put some gravel inside
14:35:08 <Elukka> from what i figured it needs to be 0.5 mm at the largest
14:35:10 <norbert79> smaller ones
14:35:23 <Elukka> i dunno how you'd get paint to adhere to it in a bowl
14:35:39 <Elukka> interesting
14:35:46 <Elukka> some kids' craft guide suggests food coloring
14:37:04 <norbert79> Might be a good idea
14:37:30 <Elukka> oh found a more detailed guide
14:37:30 <Elukka>
14:38:14 <Elukka> tempera might be better, probably easier to find/mix a variety of greys and browns
14:38:50 <norbert79> Tempera isn't that good, it goes off with time
14:38:55 <Elukka> hmm-
14:39:02 <norbert79> and since it goes off in small portions it can fly everywhere
14:39:16 <norbert79> used to paint a model once when I started building those as a kid
14:39:21 <norbert79> and with time it wore off
14:39:29 <norbert79> was a messy thing cleaning off
14:39:48 <norbert79> so I use regular modell/maquett paint
14:39:51 <norbert79> used
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14:40:18 <Elukka> one thing i've considered tempera for is weathering
14:40:22 <Elukka> precisely because it can be washed off
14:40:46 <Elukka> i mean i can hold a paint brush but i'm not confident enough in my skills to permanently paint a 200 euro model
14:41:47 <norbert79> Well, I was merely thinking on using regular paint, put it into a small glass/canister/whatever, and fill it with sand and stir it for long enough
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14:41:59 <norbert79> so it gets coloured well
14:42:16 <norbert79> and doesn't get sticky
14:43:08 <Elukka> might have to try that
14:43:18 <norbert79> worth trying with smaller ammount
14:43:24 <norbert79> in case it fails
14:43:29 <Elukka> yeah
14:46:49 <norbert79> Need to rush.. later
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16:19:13 <Sparkius> Hello?
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17:17:57 <Terkhen> hi
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17:32:30 <IchGuckLive> Good evening all i got a problem ->
17:32:50 <IchGuckLive> Eichendorf wont let me build another trackstation
17:33:08 <IchGuckLive> what shoudt i do
17:33:12 <Elu> due to the local authority?
17:33:31 *** Elu is now known as Elukka
17:33:39 <IchGuckLive> as you see in the lower left
17:33:44 <IchGuckLive> the mood is perfect
17:34:00 <Elukka> well, i don't understand german :D
17:34:07 <IchGuckLive> NP
17:34:09 <Elukka> do you get any message when trying to build it?
17:34:39 <IchGuckLive> i dod it wirh STRG and ther is no station in the frame
17:34:47 <IchGuckLive> seen left of the Map
17:35:11 <IchGuckLive> i did it with STRG and there is no station in the frame
17:36:13 <IchGuckLive> maybe i sgoudt deliver the stuff by Truck to a station on the watertower
17:36:54 <IchGuckLive> the message is the station is to big
17:37:25 <Elukka> ooh
17:37:32 <Elukka> you need to increase max station size in advanced settings
17:37:48 <IchGuckLive> only one station
17:38:08 <IchGuckLive> all other citys take 4 trackstation
17:38:10 <Elukka> since it's connected to the bus stop essentially all those tiles in between count
17:38:37 <IchGuckLive> oh i try to build inside
17:39:13 <IchGuckLive> i diddent now that B) inside is working
17:39:32 <Elukka> you can still increase max station spread if you want to expand it
17:39:45 <__ln__> 20:34 < Elukka> well, i don't understand german :D <-- what, why not?
17:40:24 <Elukka> why would i?
17:40:25 <IchGuckLive> Elukka: is this a cheed or normal stuff
17:40:28 <Elukka> wish i did, though
17:40:34 <Elukka> normal stuff
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17:40:42 <Elukka> click the gaer icon, go to advanced settings, it's... somewhere in there
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17:41:21 <IchGuckLive> thannks for that info
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17:41:41 <Elukka> *gear icon
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17:43:14 <Wolf01> evenink
17:45:42 <CIA-2> OpenTTD: translators * r22965 /trunk/src/lang/ (6 files in 2 dirs): (log message trimmed)
17:45:42 <CIA-2> OpenTTD: -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
17:45:42 <CIA-2> OpenTTD: belarusian - 16 changes by Wowanxm
17:45:42 <CIA-2> OpenTTD: korean - 17 changes by telk5093
17:45:42 <CIA-2> OpenTTD: latvian - 19 changes by Parastais
17:45:44 <CIA-2> OpenTTD: lithuanian - 35 changes by vytulis7
17:45:44 <CIA-2> OpenTTD: thai - 57 changes by zetathix
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18:04:20 <Elukka>
18:04:28 <Elukka> mmm frozen synapse for really cheap (whatever you want to pay)
18:04:30 <Elukka> it's a great game
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18:37:19 <__ln__>
18:37:49 <Wolf01> that's a common reality here
18:38:27 <Wolf01> we usually have one working ticket vending machine every 5 stations
18:38:47 <__ln__> Wolf01: really? the trenitalia vending machines worked fine the last time i used them.
18:38:53 <Elukka> this is why you beta test
18:39:07 <__ln__> but no wonder they worked fine, as the machines were running OS/2.
18:39:07 <Wolf01> maybe you was on big stations
18:39:17 <Wolf01> *were
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19:26:44 <andythenorth> efening
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19:34:55 <andythenorth> @seen pikka
19:34:55 <DorpsGek> andythenorth: pikka was last seen in #openttd 2 weeks, 5 days, 14 hours, 17 minutes, and 12 seconds ago: <Pikka> all of owen's servers are so slow for me today, but I don't see why it's not possible
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22:05:01 <Wolf01> 'night
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22:35:04 <planetmaker> @ports
22:35:04 <DorpsGek> planetmaker: OpenTTD uses TCP and UDP port 3979 for server <-> client communication, UDP port 3978 for masterserver (advertise) communication (outbound), and TCP port 3978 for content service, a.k.a. BaNaNaS (outbound)
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22:56:12 <Eddi|zuHause> so we now issue warnings to people that they will get a warning?
22:56:57 <Pinkbeast> I detect some context missing here
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23:17:59 <Yexo> eddi: sometimes, yes ;)
23:18:43 <Yexo> 3 warnings = temp ban, 4th warning = ban. His post was (imo) not a direct reason to issue a warning, but he's going a bit too far
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