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00:17:13 <Eddi|zuHause> hm... in alaska, trains stop for wild animals like grizzly bears
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00:43:49 <Wolf01> 'night
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01:15:00 <petern> bah
01:15:08 <petern> aec railcar won't go above 56
01:15:12 <petern> it should reach 70 :o
01:23:29 <Sacro> petern: GO TO BED
01:23:50 <Sacro>
01:23:53 <Sacro> london without people :o
01:29:05 <FauxFaux> Pro.
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02:12:27 <sand1> Hi, Running OpenTTD 6.2 (the one that comes with Ubuntu 8.10) and trying to get ECS Vectors working. I've changed the orders and tried different combinations of them, but they just don't seem to do anything. The long vehicles GRF works fine.
02:13:01 <Eddi|zuHause> the newest version of ECS does not work in 0.6.2, try to get an older one
02:14:08 <sand1> oh ok, will it work in 0.6.3? I can just install that instead.
02:16:35 <Eddi|zuHause> no, 0.6.3 has only bugfixes
02:16:59 <Eddi|zuHause> you will need a nightly build to play the newest ECS
02:17:27 <sand1> ok ok, that's why ECS refers to a build number not a version number... I'll just look for an older ECS then.
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02:19:57 <sand1> hmm my choices are v1alpha 1 or get a nightly build and use v1 beta 5, so maybe I'll just do without them then.
02:25:19 <Eddi|zuHause> there should be a beta 4
02:26:02 <Eddi|zuHause> and you can try the grf pack from openttdcoop, it should contain the older versions
02:27:13 <Eddi|zuHause> and you should suggest George to put a better understandable error message for people who are playing 0.6 and never heard of nightlies before
02:30:54 <Sacro> christmas time... it's a german now
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03:28:01 <joachim> is there a yapp problem in the latest cargodest binaries?
03:28:25 <joachim> can't get trains to choose free station slots
03:36:07 <joachim> should i not use yapf?
03:36:16 <joachim> seems to work with the other two
03:48:44 <joachim> yup.
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03:55:15 <Eddi|zuHause> usually a problem with the penalties
03:55:42 <Eddi|zuHause> especially if you use a config file or savegame from a pre-trunk yapp build
03:56:11 <Eddi|zuHause> there should be posts about that in the forum
03:58:01 <joachim> yes looks like a penalty problem, cause there is odd behaviour from the other ones as well
03:58:23 <joachim> just installed it today, maybe i already had a config file
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04:05:13 <Eddi|zuHause> check this line: yapf.rail_pbs_station_penalty = 800
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04:07:42 <joachim> it was 2
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04:09:37 <joachim> deleted the cfg and openttd set it to 1000
04:10:23 <Eddi|zuHause> yes, that should do it
04:10:31 <Eddi|zuHause> although that won't change your savegame
04:10:39 <Eddi|zuHause> you have to set it from the console there
04:11:05 <joachim> ok, is that the only variable i should change?
04:11:23 <Eddi|zuHause> yeah, that's the only one that is reported to cause problems
04:11:35 <joachim> k, thanks :)
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08:58:14 <Eduard_Munteanu> Hi. I'm not finding this within the FAQ, so please bear with me... Is there any open content that would allow me to run OpenTTD without owning original TTD?
08:59:25 <Eduard_Munteanu> I see there are some free scenarios. However, I couldn't find whether 3rd-party NewGRFs can be used to run the game in a standalone basis.
09:01:00 <edeca> There aren't, but you can download them (although they're probably not really free)
09:04:12 <Alberth> Eduard_Munteanu: no, you need the original TTDX data files to run OpenTTD.
09:04:51 <Eduard_Munteanu> Alberth, is there any substitute being worked on? I'd be interested to take a look, even if it's partially complete.
09:05:42 <Alberth> In the openTTD there is the OpenGFX thread which develops replacement graphics.
09:06:03 <petern> there's a replacement set but it's depressing
09:06:46 <Eduard_Munteanu> Alberth, thread as in forum thread or as in SCM branch?
09:06:54 <petern> forum thread
09:07:05 <Eduard_Munteanu> Thanks for helping.
09:07:16 <petern> in the openttd shold be in the forums, i think :)
09:07:26 <Eduard_Munteanu> Yes, I got it. :)
09:07:30 <petern> you can use opengfx if you use a nightly version
09:08:00 <Alberth> or use trunk for bleeding edge :)
09:08:04 <Eduard_Munteanu> petern, if I do a SVN/CVS checkout, is it there?
09:08:25 <Eduard_Munteanu> Alberth, yeah, I'll probably go that way.
09:08:46 <petern> no, it is currently a separate project
09:09:00 <Eduard_Munteanu> I see.
09:09:08 <petern> so get trunk, and then get the opengfx
09:09:22 <Eduard_Munteanu> Thanks.
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09:53:29 <gynter> hello
09:53:49 <Alberth> hello
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09:55:16 <gynter> what does transported goods depend on?
09:55:30 <gynter> not just goods
09:55:35 <gynter> any item
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10:00:48 <Wolf01> hello
10:13:16 <Alberth> gynter: I don't understand the question, what do you mean "depend on"?
10:14:22 <Alberth> gynter: you simply pick up cargo where it is provided, and bring it to where it is needed. I don't see any 'depend on'
10:15:03 <gynter> does transported prec increases when cargo is dropped to destination or when cargo is picked up?
10:16:31 <Alberth> 'prec' ?
10:17:24 <gynter> precentage
10:18:56 <petern> percentage
10:19:16 <petern> and no, it's just pickup
10:21:53 <gynter> hmm odd
10:22:13 <gynter> i have major queue with ships, but still transported doesn't go over 66%
10:27:15 <Rubidium> gynter: ah... you mean that... that's because your station rating isn't high enough
10:27:37 <gynter> not rating, transported precentage in last month
10:28:55 <Rubidium> gynter: start reading what is written instead of thinking you've read what is written
10:29:14 <Alberth> station rating and transported percentage are tightly coupled.
10:35:30 <Wolf01> I don't understand why rating should affect transported percentage
10:37:08 <Rubidium> station rating is a way to measure the QOS of the transport company
10:37:14 <Alberth> if you service a station badly, why would an industry use your transport services?
10:38:20 <gynter> how to increase rating?
10:38:57 <Wolf01> transport percentage should be the real quantity of goods transported in relation of quantity of goods generated at station in a month
10:40:17 <Alberth> gynter:
10:40:32 <Rubidium> everything "generated at the station" is transported for the industry
10:40:51 <Rubidium> as the industry "transports" it to the station
10:40:51 <Wolf01> it is 100 goods produced, 90 goods pick up, tp=90%, not 75% because I have a bad rating... how can you decide that is 75% when I really picked up the 90%?
10:41:45 <Rubidium> only 75 will be moved to the station with a 75% rating
10:42:43 <Alberth> Wolf01: how do you manage tp=90%? unless your station is flooded, you eventually transport everything you get.
10:42:47 <Wolf01> so I picked up the 90% of 75?
10:43:02 <Rubidium> then your station rating will lower over time
10:43:35 <Rubidium> thus you will get less cargo and thus you transported percentage will rp
10:43:42 <Rubidium> *drop
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11:10:44 <valhallasw> what was the magic double zoom key again?
11:11:12 <valhallasw> because ctrl-D does not seem to work :/
11:11:17 <Eddi|zuHause> that was removed
11:11:24 <Eddi|zuHause> quite a while ago
11:11:26 <valhallasw> ah, right
11:13:00 <qball> :D
11:13:55 <qball> didn't it used to be so that if you transported more then 90% the production of that source dropped
11:14:24 <petern> gah, i hate assembly
11:15:26 <qball> petern: what are you doing
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11:18:10 <yorick> heh, openttd is faster than ttdpatch here :)
11:19:21 <qball> I love openttd, it runs on linux.
11:22:07 <yorick> so does ttdpatch, if you use a lot of wine magic
11:22:21 <petern> trying to understand ttdpatch code :p
11:22:37 <yorick> don't
11:22:44 <yorick> it will explode your head once
11:23:33 <yorick> it's like reading uncommented brainfuck
11:25:22 <petern> -like
11:30:47 <petern> i follow the code up to c2*v^2
11:31:15 <petern> then it does shrd eax,edx,8 (where eax = c2 and edx = c2*v^2)
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11:40:07 <valhallasw> and is there any way I can slow the game down? except by using NPF and ships? :P
11:40:13 <petern> F1
11:40:30 <yorick> hold printscreen
11:40:46 <valhallasw> slow, not stopped ;)
11:40:50 <Progman> holding ctrl-r
11:41:22 <yorick> that's not really much slowing
11:42:23 <Progman> and if you use a 32bpp grafic set?
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11:48:56 <petern> then you're missing a ph
11:49:06 <fjb> Hello
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12:18:41 <gynter> it would be good, if you could set same orders to all vechiles/trains/ships/aircrafts in same group
12:18:56 <Skyruner2> yes
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12:26:39 <Alberth> gynter: normally you do that while creating the vehicles, by using shared orders
12:27:14 <Skyruner2> but a group does not nessecarily have the same shared orders
12:27:45 <Skyruner2> a group might be a list of feeders for a certain station who feed from all sorts of other stations
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12:28:11 <Skyruner2> but if the feeding to station changes it would be easies to change this via the group menu
12:29:11 <Rubidium> so you want to change a station in all orders of all vehicles within a certain group?
12:29:32 <Rubidium> that's most likely going to cause more troubles than benefits
12:29:55 <Skyruner2> ah nm.. gynter wanted something else
12:31:02 <Skyruner2> it would be nice though to have the option of creating a group from a shard orders list
12:31:10 <gynter> shared orders?
12:31:16 <Rubidium> Skyruner2: you already can
12:31:27 <Skyruner2> awesome...
12:31:30 <Skyruner2> wiki?
12:31:40 <Rubidium> it "only" requires you to make a group, add one of the vehicles to it and then add the vehicles with the same shared order
12:32:53 <Skyruner2> well if i clone on in that group that works too
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12:33:25 <Rubidium> Skyruner2:
12:35:03 <Skyruner2> ah nice
12:35:08 <Skyruner2> never noticed that
12:35:12 <Skyruner2> thanks
12:36:03 <gynter> ah good
12:36:10 <gynter> same here, never noticed that
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12:50:30 <Skyruner2> to add a new string, i need to add it to strings.h and atleast english.txt ?
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12:51:55 <Alberth> lang/english.txt and the .cpp file is enough. The system will re-generate the other files.
12:54:27 <Skyruner2> so i can just insert an unused STR_XXXX_MY_STRING into the sourcecode and add it to the english.txt? i dont think it compiles if i dont add it to strings.h
12:55:17 <yorick> it does
12:55:19 <Alberth> when typing 'make', it detects you modified lang/english.txt, and strgen re-generates all language files before compiling the source again
12:55:42 <Skyruner2> good to know
12:55:54 <Alberth> that's why you want 'make'!! :)
12:59:32 <Skyruner2> im trying to add another expense type in the company window. the way it currently works in drawing the rows is to simply increment the string index. so now 701C ist loan interest and 701D other - if i want to insert an element above another say before other my string would have to have 701D as an ID... how would i do that?
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13:00:31 <Rubidium> the order in english.txt is used
13:01:08 <Rubidium> and the X in STR_XXXX_... where X is a hexadecimal have absolutely no meaning anymore
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13:02:47 <Skyruner2> can i just leave the XXXX out?
13:02:57 <Rubidium> yup
13:03:46 <Skyruner2> ah great.. that was confusing me
13:14:38 <petern> urgh
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13:29:12 <LordNokon> hello
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13:29:35 <Darkvater> Happy New Year to all :D
13:29:36 <Darkvater> !
13:29:42 <LordNokon> can anyone help me with ttdx on vista 64
13:30:44 <yorick> happy newyear
13:30:54 <yorick> LordNoken: yes, use openttd
13:30:58 <yorick> Nokon*
13:31:49 <LordNokon> yorick, i've downloaded the lastest openttd but what about the game
13:32:04 <yorick> you only need the data files
13:32:16 <LordNokon> where do i get my hands on a version which works in vista 64
13:32:49 <yorick> you don't need any game
13:32:53 <yorick> just openttd and the data files
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13:33:05 <yorick> and the data files are on your ttd cd
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13:33:14 <TrueBrain> hello lovely people :)
13:33:16 <yorick> or somewhere on the internet
13:33:26 <Darkvater> I'll be seeing you guys in about a week with hopefully more time for ottd :)
13:33:29 <Darkvater> gelukkig nieuwjaar TrueBrain
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13:34:24 <LordNokon> ah ok
13:34:32 <LordNokon> i think i got it working now
13:34:36 <LordNokon> let me see quickly
13:36:42 * TrueBrain loads his IM to send Darkvater something back .. pff .. saying something and leaving, how could he! :p
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13:54:58 <LordNokon> yorick you there
13:55:03 <yorick> ?
13:58:00 <LordNokon> is there a way to change the outputs of the factories
14:02:09 <Skyruner2> you can change to production values of resource industries via cheets
14:02:24 <Skyruner2>
14:03:07 <LordNokon> thanks skyruner2, ill have a look, quick last question?
14:03:14 <Skyruner2> ;)
14:03:17 <LordNokon> how do i get the game to play in a window
14:03:26 <Skyruner2> game settings
14:03:36 <Rubidium> cheats don't change factory production
14:03:40 <Skyruner2> theres an option for resolution & a button for full screen
14:04:16 <joachim> isn't there a patch for changing production?
14:04:30 <Skyruner2> you mean the production ammount or the production type?
14:04:53 <LordNokon> ok what i want to do is to set all factories to max production when a game starts
14:04:54 <Skyruner2> ie producin more of what it already does or something different
14:04:59 <gynter> if i clone a ship with shared orders, then cloned ship doesn't have shared orders
14:05:14 <Skyruner2> hold crtl when cloning
14:05:21 <gynter> ah k
14:05:21 <Skyruner2> @dynter.
14:05:24 <gynter> thanks
14:05:27 <Skyruner2> ;)
14:06:28 <Skyruner2> LordNokon: i dont know of a quick way to accieve what you want to do
14:06:48 <LordNokon> yes i want to change the production amounts not the type
14:07:56 <Skyruner2> then you need to send more cargo (livestock,grain,steel) to the factory (in temperate climate)
14:08:23 <Skyruner2> to get more livestock & grain, you can use the cheats
14:08:26 <LordNokon> thats one of the things correct, but like mining stations, to produce at max
14:08:38 <Skyruner2> cheats ;)
14:09:24 <LordNokon> cool
14:09:29 <LordNokon> ill try that one quickly
14:11:33 <LordNokon> thanks to everyone with the help on the game
14:11:48 <LordNokon> is so good being able to play an old classic like this still on vista
14:12:59 <LordNokon> i love the new hugh maps and towns
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14:32:34 <gynter> hmh,
14:32:44 <gynter> there should be favorites in server browser :P
14:41:45 <TrueBrain> and a: last joined
14:41:45 *** Swallow has joined #openttd
14:43:11 <yorick> any way I could apply DirDiff to TrackBits, while still getting the expected result?
14:43:53 <Rubidium> some people really need to play OpenTTD more often...
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14:46:35 *** tom0004 has joined #openttd
14:48:36 <Eddi|zuHause> i thought the "last joined" was already implemented?
14:48:48 <yorick> yes, it was
14:49:23 <[com]buster> useful feature indeed
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14:53:39 *** tom0004 has joined #openttd
14:59:27 <LordNokon> how do i get my towns to be these hugh towns with a population of over 150000 people
14:59:45 <[com]buster> passenger service
14:59:55 <[com]buster> *good* passenger service
15:00:52 <LordNokon> between different towns of locally
15:01:10 <[com]buster> between towns make both grow
15:01:13 <Eddi|zuHause> doesn't matter
15:01:31 <Eddi|zuHause> any service will do
15:01:31 <TrueBrain> Rubidium: I guess so ;)
15:02:06 <TrueBrain> but okay, I meant a Recent Servers, like Favorite Servers, and Local Server, like CoD4!!! :) YEAH! :p
15:02:10 <TrueBrain> pompiedom
15:02:10 <Eddi|zuHause> a tram or bus service is usually the easiest to make a town grow
15:02:45 <Eddi|zuHause> dubdidubidabidau
15:03:01 <Eddi|zuHause> mana mana
15:03:05 <LordNokon> since i started playing this game when it was first released, i could neva get that part correct
15:09:13 <TrueBrain> hmm .. my guitar is a bit .. off tune :p Haha :)
15:09:23 <TrueBrain> having it two weeks in an isolated room can't be good :p
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16:09:07 <Skyruner2> how do you use the conditional "goto" order?
16:09:44 <ostehovel> click the button and then click the order it will jump to
16:09:58 <ostehovel> and then you set the setting for the conditional order
16:11:10 <Skyruner2> thx
16:12:59 <Sacro> is that in trunk now?
16:13:15 <Rubidium> Sacro: no
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16:25:52 <Skyruner2> why does the last feeder vehicle(delivery vehicle) get the transfer credit subtrackted? why not just calculate the transfer profit as with previous feeder vehicles?
16:26:29 <Skyruner2> it does not need to balance since the vehicle profit and company [vehicle type] income is seperate anyways
16:26:57 <gynter> hmh
16:27:24 <Eddi|zuHause> but they need to add up
16:27:50 <Rubidium> otherwise people file bugreports
16:27:55 <gynter> how to set breakdowns to none?
16:27:58 <Rubidium> see FS#<some>
16:28:15 <Eddi|zuHause> in the difficulty settings, gynter
16:28:27 <gynter> ah, thanks
16:29:17 <Skyruner2> so they manually addup the train profits see that it does not match what is shown and file the report?
16:29:28 <Rubidium> Skyruner2: yes
16:29:31 <Skyruner2> ah ok
16:33:46 <gynter> how can I load a scenario when running server via cli ?
16:34:17 <Eddi|zuHause> with "-g x.scn"
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16:35:12 <gynter> ah, same as savegame?
16:35:12 <gynter> ok
16:38:20 <gynter> can i use //comment in config file on same line as config variable?
16:38:35 <gynter> currency = EUR //test
16:38:41 <yorick> use # ;)
16:38:44 <gynter> k
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16:49:44 *** Guest566 is now known as SmatZ
16:50:51 <Skyruner2> how can i get the source of the cargo dest branch`?
16:51:10 <Forked>
17:04:26 *** Dred_furst has quit IRC
17:05:54 *** Sam19 has quit IRC
17:16:04 *** |Jeroen| has quit IRC
17:23:48 <Eddi|zuHause> haha... "I'm proud of living in a country, where a white man can be elected president, even if he is part black." :p
17:24:24 <petern> hilarious
17:24:44 <petern> so when does he get his horns out?
17:25:12 <Eddi|zuHause> end of january, or something
17:26:39 <gynter> is it possible to modify cost of trams without editing grf?
17:27:01 <Sacro> yes
17:27:10 <gynter> any howtos/tutorials?
17:28:16 <gynter> can I also change designed date?
17:28:35 <Sacro> RTFS
17:28:37 <Sacro> yes
17:30:27 <Eddi|zuHause> that is like asking "is it possible to turn a car without using the steering wheel"
17:30:41 <Eddi|zuHause> of course it is possible, but why the hell would you do that?
17:31:06 <gynter> because I dont want to have nowadays trams in 1945
17:31:19 <gynter> besides, they cost less than 1945 trains
17:31:21 <gynter> trams *
17:31:23 <Eddi|zuHause> yes, but just edit the grf
17:31:31 <gynter> k
17:31:32 <Eddi|zuHause> it's like 3 steps
17:31:46 <Eddi|zuHause> decode, change the number, encode
17:31:47 <gynter> was just asking if theres some config file thing to override
17:32:03 <Eddi|zuHause> yes, the config file is called "grf"
17:33:50 *** Mortal has joined #openttd
17:39:09 <Skyruner2> can anyone access =
17:39:12 <Skyruner2> ?*
17:40:02 <yorick> nope
17:43:08 <joachim> can any town become a city if serviced enough?
17:44:47 <Eddi|zuHause> no, cities are distributed at the start of the game
17:44:54 <Eddi|zuHause> there is no change of that status
17:44:59 <joachim> ah, ok
17:45:44 *** Skyruner2 has left #openttd
17:45:45 <joachim> so is there a pop cap on towns, or do they just grow slower?
17:46:42 *** vraa has joined #openttd
17:49:42 <Eddi|zuHause> there is no cap
17:49:55 *** Yeggstry has quit IRC
17:50:55 *** Sam19 has joined #openttd
17:51:10 <Sam19> Hi
17:54:48 <LordNokon> hi sam19
17:55:08 *** gryph has quit IRC
17:55:20 <yorick> any possibility to disable pbs?
17:55:53 <yorick> or presignals?
17:56:07 *** vraa_ has joined #openttd
17:56:14 <glx> just don't use them
17:56:26 <Swallow> Why would you want to disable them?
17:56:34 <yorick> why would I want to disable build on slopes?
17:57:21 *** vraa_ has quit IRC
17:57:28 *** vraa_ has joined #openttd
17:57:35 *** Skyruner2 has joined #openttd
17:57:50 <Swallow> Good question
17:58:51 *** vraa has quit IRC
17:59:28 <yorick> because I want to disallow building on slopes, that's why :)
18:00:34 <Eddi|zuHause> use 0.6.3 ;)
18:01:55 <yorick> doesn't disable presignals
18:03:15 <Eddi|zuHause> use TTD :p
18:03:26 <glx> why disable something you're not forced to use?
18:03:35 <yorick> multiplayer ;)
18:05:32 <Eddi|zuHause> this is not TTDPatch, whose design goal it is, that every gameplay change can be disabled
18:08:32 <Eddi|zuHause> hm... i need a tram stop on a bridgehead
18:09:01 <Eddi|zuHause> and a train station under the bridge
18:10:38 <petern> and the moon!
18:10:40 <petern> on a stick!
18:11:03 <Eddi|zuHause> moon meat from the moon meat mine on the moon?
18:12:02 <petern> don't be silly
18:12:15 <petern> the moon is made of cheese, not meat
18:15:04 <Sam19> Just thought i'd let you know, OpenTTD crashes after a few seconds of playing, on Windows 7
18:15:42 <glx> with any message?
18:16:41 <Skyruner2> my guess: sound output & DX
18:16:43 <glx> btw I don't care about windows 7 as it's still unfinished
18:16:58 <Sam19> Sound output is fine
18:17:05 <glx> yes probably music driver
18:17:08 <Sam19> It freezes for a second then disapears
18:17:09 <glx> try -m null
18:17:30 <Sam19> (as in comes up saying Windows is trying to find a solution)
18:18:25 <Sam19> I tried running it in compatability mode, for XP and Vista, however, it comes up saying 'Cannot load'
18:18:44 <glx> where is
18:18:50 *** ccfreak2k has quit IRC
18:19:16 <Sam19> in the TTD folder
18:19:30 <glx> so in programs?
18:20:14 <Sam19> hang on a sec, gonna try something
18:20:22 <glx> it must be in one of openttd data dirs
18:20:40 <glx> (as said in the readme)
18:25:15 <Sam19> (btw, This is on the latest nightly build, and the one before it)
18:26:36 <glx> and other are fine?
18:30:45 *** Swallow has quit IRC
18:36:42 <Sam19> Well, the 0.6.3 build seems to be working OK, I can't play the game that I want to though (It was made on a newer version)
18:36:59 *** mortal` has joined #openttd
18:37:03 *** Mortal is now known as Guest581
18:37:03 *** mortal` is now known as mortal
18:38:59 <CIA-9> OpenTTD: translators * r14782 /trunk/src/lang/ (12 files in 2 dirs): (log message trimmed)
18:38:59 <CIA-9> OpenTTD: -Update: WebTranslator2 update to 2009-01-02 18:38:20
18:38:59 <CIA-9> OpenTTD: arabic_egypt - 7 fixed by khaloofah (7)
18:38:59 <CIA-9> OpenTTD: brazilian_portuguese - 14 fixed, 5 changed by tucalipe (19)
18:38:59 <CIA-9> OpenTTD: catalan - 14 fixed by arnaullv (14)
18:39:01 <CIA-9> OpenTTD: finnish - 14 fixed by jpx_ (14)
18:39:03 <CIA-9> OpenTTD: hungarian - 14 fixed by alyr (14)
18:39:12 <yorick> then obviously you need at least the revision the game was saved with ;)
18:39:31 <gynter> why I have a Tram with car icon?
18:40:29 <Sam19> Yorick, the problem with that is, that was a nightly build, and the nightly build crashes for me
18:40:29 <Sam19> lol
18:43:23 *** Guest581 has quit IRC
18:44:19 *** gryph has joined #openttd
18:45:09 *** gryph has left #openttd
18:56:19 *** goodger__ has joined #openttd
18:56:54 *** wgrant has quit IRC
19:03:08 *** goodger_ has quit IRC
19:08:59 *** Sam19 has quit IRC
19:17:00 <petern> @seen kudr
19:17:00 <DorpsGek> petern: kudr was last seen in #openttd 15 weeks, 4 days, 2 hours, 23 minutes, and 11 seconds ago: <KUDr> r
19:17:29 *** wgrant has joined #openttd
19:24:02 *** lewymati has joined #openttd
19:24:22 *** thingwath has quit IRC
19:24:32 *** lewymati has quit IRC
19:25:00 *** thingwath has joined #openttd
19:33:39 <Eddi|zuHause> not-so-famous last wordsS?
19:46:04 <CIA-9> OpenTTD: rubidium * r14783 /trunk/src/vehiclelist.cpp: -Fix (r12661): don't add vehicles with "go to nearest depot" to the vehicle list of the depot with index 0.
19:49:51 *** ccfreak2k has joined #openttd
19:55:26 <Eddi|zuHause> is there a latex package that allows direct input of graphviz into the .tex file?
19:57:53 *** ccfreak2k has quit IRC
19:59:08 *** dfox has quit IRC
20:00:24 <Rubidium> Eddi|zuHause: have you tried googling?
20:01:40 <CIA-9> OpenTTD: rubidium * r14784 /trunk/src/ (order_gui.cpp vehicle_gui.cpp): -Change: don't close and reopen the vehicle order/detail windows, just refocus them instead.
20:02:26 *** flexd has quit IRC
20:02:40 <Eddi|zuHause> yes, but the results are somewhat uncoordinated...
20:02:44 <petern> so... what *does* shrd eax,edx,8 do?
20:03:16 <Eddi|zuHause> it shreds eax into edx in stripes of 8mm?
20:03:48 <Rubidium> it shifts right a double
20:05:46 *** fjb_ has joined #openttd
20:07:04 <petern> hm
20:07:19 <petern> ah, it's the imul that's confusing me then
20:07:35 <petern> that's clearly just a /256...
20:07:57 <glx> are you lurking in ttdp source?
20:09:02 <petern> yeah
20:09:23 <Rubidium> it's "shrd dest, source, count"
20:10:20 <Rubidium> Eddi|zuHause, the 7th google hit:
20:10:34 *** fjb has quit IRC
20:10:52 <Rubidium> although you could also export the dot to tex and import that
20:10:52 <Eddi|zuHause> yes, i just tried that, but it does not work
20:11:43 <Eddi|zuHause> i inserted the 3 lines given there into my document, and first it said "option clash for package graphicx
20:12:35 <petern> yeah, it was the imul that got me, i think
20:12:46 <petern> "imul edx"
20:12:46 <Eddi|zuHause> and when i removed that, it said: ! Argument of " has an extra }.
20:12:56 <petern> modifies eax as well, i believe
20:13:01 *** HerzogDeXtEr1 has joined #openttd
20:13:21 <Eddi|zuHause> but... that looks like a conflict with ngerman, actually
20:18:14 <Rubidium> petern: looks like it does eax := eax * edx
20:18:27 <gynter> hmm
20:18:50 <gynter> how to set more that 1 property using action0 ?
20:19:14 <glx> read the docs :)
20:19:15 <petern> F7 /5 IMUL r/m32 9-38/12-41 EDX:EAX := EAX * r/m dword
20:19:24 <petern> so it sets both, indeed, as a double word
20:19:59 *** HerzogDeXtEr has quit IRC
20:20:17 <glx> gynter: <Sprite-number> * <Length> 00 <Feature> <Num-props> <Num-info> <Id> (<Property <New-info>)...
20:20:22 <glx> it's quite explicit
20:20:38 <gynter> ahh ok
20:20:50 <glx> <-- full doc
20:20:56 <petern> so really it's just foo * bar / 256
20:23:07 <petern> which of course gives results that make no sense :)
20:29:53 *** tom0004 has joined #openttd
20:35:51 <gynter> road vechile max speed is 127km/h?
20:36:23 *** wgrant has quit IRC
20:36:28 <Rubidium> yes, something like that
20:37:00 <Rubidium> more like 255/1.6*(conversion_factor("mile", "kilometre")
20:37:25 <Rubidium> divided by 2
20:38:42 <Rubidium> so 255/1.6*1.609344/2 which is 128 km/h
20:41:38 *** wgrant has joined #openttd
20:41:57 <Rubidium> but that is (again) explained in the NewGRF specs
20:42:01 <gynter> ye
20:42:51 *** gynter has quit IRC
20:43:08 *** evandar has joined #openttd
20:49:12 <petern> sure?
20:49:34 <petern> 79 mph
20:49:34 <petern> ah
20:50:06 <petern> must've been playing in km/h when i saw 127 max, heh
20:50:18 <petern> this damned rail car won't go past 51 now :/
20:50:38 <petern> problem with supporting newgrf drag coefficient is it's bollocks ;)
20:50:44 <Rubidium> floor(255/3.2) == 79
20:59:19 <CIA-9> OpenTTD: rubidium * r14785 /trunk/src/ (7 files):
20:59:19 <CIA-9> OpenTTD: -Fix [FS#2132]: vehicle list for station gets closed when station view is closed
20:59:19 <CIA-9> OpenTTD: even when the vehicle list is stickied. Other vehicle lists are not deleted when
20:59:19 <CIA-9> OpenTTD: their 'opening' window gets closed so do the same with the station view.
21:01:25 <CIA-9> OpenTTD: rubidium * r14786 /trunk/src/terraform_gui.cpp: -Fix: road/rail/water/airport toolbar opened over terraform toolbar when toolbar linking is turned on.
21:01:40 <CIA-9> OpenTTD: rubidium * r14787 /trunk/src/ (airport_gui.cpp dock_gui.cpp rail_gui.cpp road_gui.cpp): -Fix: landscape toolbar getting closed when rail/road/water/airport toolbar gets closed with linked toolbars turned on.
21:01:57 *** Skyruner2 has quit IRC
21:13:13 *** lewymati has joined #openttd
21:14:54 *** goodger__ is now known as goodger
21:15:31 *** fjb_ is now known as fjb
21:29:10 *** yorick has quit IRC
21:29:11 *** tom0004 has quit IRC
21:30:03 *** tom0004 has joined #openttd
21:31:59 *** lewymati has quit IRC
21:34:11 *** vraa_ has quit IRC
21:35:52 *** vraa has joined #openttd
21:39:56 *** fjb has quit IRC
21:47:10 *** De_Ghosty has quit IRC
21:49:30 *** De_Ghosty has joined #openttd
21:51:52 *** Streifi2 has joined #openttd
21:53:42 *** davis- has quit IRC
21:57:33 *** De_Ghosty has quit IRC
22:00:21 *** vraa has quit IRC
22:01:34 *** Streifi2 has quit IRC
22:04:05 *** vraa has joined #openttd
22:14:19 *** HerzogDeXtEr1 has quit IRC
22:16:44 <joachim> "2 passengers to unknown station, no route found!" - will they eventually go away, or is there any way to figure out where the problem is/was? (cargodest)
22:17:55 <Rubidium> the problem's most likely someone/something that removed a station
22:18:18 <CIA-9> OpenTTD: rubidium * r14788 /trunk/src/newgrf.cpp: -Fix [FS#2489]: some TTDPatch flags were wrong (Swallow)
22:18:40 <joachim> can't remember doing that lately
22:18:46 <joachim> but will they stay forever?
22:19:23 <Rubidium> no idea
22:21:08 *** De_Ghosty has joined #openttd
22:21:57 <Eddi|zuHause> passengers slowly go away if the rating is below 50% (i think)
22:22:05 <Eddi|zuHause> otherwise, they will stay forever
22:22:25 <Eddi|zuHause> and it is usually a route that was removed, while the station is still there
22:22:45 <Eddi|zuHause> or something absolutely weird
22:22:54 <joachim> shouldn't it know the station name then
22:23:23 *** vraa has quit IRC
22:24:52 *** vraa has joined #openttd
22:26:09 *** Eddi|zuHause2 has joined #openttd
22:26:54 <petern> hmm, i should get the windows 7 beta soon
22:27:23 <petern> though from what i've seen it's pretty much vista with a different task bar...
22:27:47 <Rubidium> yeah... and don't browse to your map with MP3s with Explorer ;)
22:28:02 <petern> my map?
22:28:27 <Rubidium> s/map/folder/ ;)
22:28:53 <mrfrenzy> what will it do to the poor files?
22:29:25 <Rubidium> mrfrenzy: whatever "reading" MP3s would do
22:30:49 *** Eddi|zuHause has quit IRC
22:31:00 <mrfrenzy> huh
22:31:04 <Rubidium> which in case of Windows 7 seems to be unrecoverably corrupting the MP3s
22:31:12 <mrfrenzy> lol
22:32:26 <glx> how is it possible to corrupt a file by reading it?
22:32:34 <glx> windows is amazing :)
22:32:41 <Rubidium> glx: reading != "reading"
22:32:51 *** Skyruner2 has joined #openttd
22:32:52 <mrfrenzy> fortunately I keep my music on a readonly samba shar e;)
22:33:16 <Skyruner2> Fehler 3 fatal error C1083: Datei (Include) kann nicht geöffnet werden: "boost/graph/adjacency_list.hpp": No such file or directory c:\ottd_dev\cargodest_src\src\routing_classes.h 28 openttd
22:33:18 <Skyruner2> :(
22:33:30 <glx> yes you need boost headers
22:37:01 <petern> hmm, did anyone start work on making multiple sets uninteroperable?
22:37:07 <petern> *newgrf sets
22:37:23 <glx> not really
22:37:30 <Rubidium> OzTransLtd did make his set uninteroperable, but that's about it I reckon
22:37:34 *** FR^2 has joined #openttd
22:37:54 <glx> hmm it did disable them for ttdpatch too IIRC
22:38:37 <Rubidium> glx: lies... he allowed his set to be used for exactly 1 revision of TTDP
22:38:57 <Rubidium> and IIRC revisions < 14000 of OpenTTD with multipool enabled
22:39:08 *** Eddi|zuHause has joined #openttd
22:40:04 <Progman> Skyruner2: you need some parts of the boost lib
22:40:31 *** evandar has quit IRC
22:42:17 <CIA-9> OpenTTD: rubidium * r14789 /trunk/src/ (20 files in 2 dirs): -Feature: allow scrolling with the left mouse button pressed (if enabled). Primarily useful for systems with touch screen (aapo)
22:44:14 *** Eddi|zuHause2 has quit IRC
22:46:34 *** Eddi|zuHause2 has joined #openttd
22:49:50 *** Eddi|zuHause2 has quit IRC
22:49:56 <CIA-9> OpenTTD: rubidium * r14790 /trunk/src/ (5 files): -Codechange: unify generation of default savegame/screenshot names (PhilSophus)
22:49:58 *** Eddi|zuHause2 has joined #openttd
22:50:14 *** Eddi|zuHause has quit IRC
22:51:41 *** Eddi|zuHause3 has joined #openttd
22:53:07 *** mikl has joined #openttd
22:54:55 <Skyruner2> howcome ottd wont compile with music enabled Fehler 3 error LNK2001: Nicht aufgelöstes externes Symbol "_CLSID_DirectMusicLoader". dmusic.obj openttd
22:55:09 <Skyruner2> and compiled versions dont play music?
22:55:28 *** Roujin has joined #openttd
22:55:44 <Rubidium> cause you've got the wrong version of the DirectX stuff installed or you have installed it incorrectly
22:57:08 <Skyruner2> hm its DX9.0c and works fine with all other games...
22:57:37 <Skyruner2> the dxdiag direct music test works fine aswell
22:57:44 <Roujin> hey Rubidium, did you check what happens regarding the latest commit if one tries to make a screenshot/save as spectator when no company exists?
22:57:58 <Roujin> (sorry to break into a running conversation)
22:58:03 *** Eddi|zuHause2 has quit IRC
22:58:42 <Rubidium> Roujin: the same as what happened before
22:59:20 <Rubidium> the misc_gui stuff is basically moved to saveload.cpp and the others already passed _local_company as being safe
22:59:22 *** Eddi|zuHause has joined #openttd
22:59:33 <Rubidium> safe meaning it's a valid company id
23:00:11 <Roujin> and is COMPANY_FIRST also safe if no company exists?
23:00:20 <Roujin> because there's this line: SetDParam(0, IsValidCompanyID(_local_company) ? _local_company : COMPANY_FIRST);
23:01:51 <Rubidium> Roujin: as I said... that's for the "misc_gui.cpp" case, in the other cases _local_company is for sure valid
23:02:28 <Rubidium> and there's always "something" at GetCompany(COMPANY_FIRST) that resolves to a name
23:02:53 *** Eddi|zuHause3 has quit IRC
23:04:15 <Skyruner2> hmm i dont know why music does not work..
23:04:17 <Rubidium> so the behaviour doesn't change
23:04:40 <Skyruner2> i guess ill just disable it in the building and play without (as i have been)
23:04:42 <Rubidium> Skyruner2: likely because you haven't installed the music or installed it in the wrong place
23:05:05 <Skyruner2> the tracs do show up in ottd
23:05:20 <Skyruner2> if its a build with music in enabled
23:05:28 <Skyruner2> not sure about ones with it disabled
23:05:32 <Rubidium> that's because the track names are hardcoded
23:05:39 <Skyruner2> ah ok
23:05:46 <Rubidium> as the music files don't contain the names
23:20:43 <Roujin> Rubidium: I've created a situation where it resolves to (undefined string)
23:21:21 <Roujin> in the misc_gui case, of course..
23:22:45 <Rubidium> Roujin: then it should've been doing that before too
23:23:49 <Roujin> hmm i'm not 100% sure if const Company *c = GetCompany(IsValidCompanyID(_local_company) ? _local_company : COMPANY_FIRST); and then SetDParam(0, c->index); did the same
23:24:05 *** vraa has quit IRC
23:24:07 <Roujin> as now --- SetDParam(0, IsValidCompanyID(_local_company) ? _local_company : COMPANY_FIRST); --- does
23:24:16 <Rubidium> GetCompany(whatever)->index == whatever
23:24:35 <Roujin> also if the company doesn't exist?
23:24:56 <Rubidium> yes
23:25:16 <Roujin> okay, then it probably did the same thing before
23:25:21 <Rubidium> only that GetCompany(whatever)->index where whatever > GetCompanyPoolSize() segfaults or asserts
23:25:34 <Rubidium> s/>/>=/
23:25:50 *** Progman has quit IRC
23:25:57 <Rubidium> but... GetCompanyPoolSize() is always >= 1
23:26:20 <Rubidium> and IsValidCompanyID only returns true when whatever is smaller than the pool size
23:27:24 *** vraa has joined #openttd
23:27:38 <Roujin> well I'll go and file a bug report about the undefined string still, even if it's an old bug..
23:27:50 *** vraa has quit IRC
23:27:58 <Rubidium> well... what's the right name when there's no company then?
23:28:39 <Roujin> something else than (undefined string) in any case..
23:29:11 <Roujin> in all other cases where standard naming is not applicable, it's just called "screenshot..."
23:29:23 *** vraa has joined #openttd
23:30:37 <Rubidium> and it doesn't do that?
23:31:45 <Roujin> for screenshots yes, but the case where (undefined string) appears is when trying to save the game as spectator (when no company is on the server)
23:32:12 <Roujin> in the save/load window, it appears in the text field
23:32:45 <Rubidium> that will have happened for eons then
23:32:58 <Rubidium> and "savegame" isn't quite a useful name either I reckon
23:33:33 <Roujin> how about "spectator, {DATE}"?
23:34:28 <Roujin> maybe not only if no company exists, but always when spectating?
23:35:13 <Roujin> that's probably cleaner than just taking the name of company #0
23:48:28 *** TrueBrain has joined #openttd
23:49:34 *** stillunknown has quit IRC
23:53:53 *** tom0004 has quit IRC
23:55:02 *** tom0004 has joined #openttd
23:55:14 *** [com]buster has quit IRC
23:56:04 <TrueBrain> What can forum users be complete morons ..... reply to topics like they are mental or something .. well .. I expect some really are mental .. but that is besides the point ;)
23:56:27 <qball> lol
23:56:35 *** FR^2 has quit IRC
23:56:43 <qball> welcome to the wonderfull world of users
23:57:51 <TrueBrain> like the advise my ISP once gave a friend ... the fastest connection had some authorization problem, so their suggestion was to use their slower connection .........
23:57:57 <TrueBrain> sure, always good advise ...
23:58:15 <Skyruner2> Luser or in German: DAU
23:58:25 <TrueBrain> like in this case: I suggest not to use OpenTTD ....
23:58:29 <TrueBrain> what is that for an advise?!
23:58:31 <TrueBrain> omg ...
23:58:37 * TrueBrain slaps people on this forum :p
23:59:03 <qball> it is often how they managed to find the internet in the first place
23:59:16 <Rubidium> TrueBrain: you should read the German TT forum and the international forum will look like a peaceful place
23:59:19 *** FR^2 has joined #openttd
23:59:20 <Skyruner2> suggest alt+F4?
23:59:59 <Rubidium> Skyruner2: what use is that?