IRC logs for #openttd on OFTC at 2023-03-27
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02:22:43 <glx[d]> finally some progress on
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06:18:50 <petern> TrueBrain: Yes, they don't know about condvar
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07:22:56 <pickpacket> lol
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07:50:10 <petern> Hmm, fun when code silently relies on (uint)-1
07:53:01 <dwfreed> unsigned overflow is defined, though
07:55:35 <petern> Yes, the problem is that this test is hidden away by an implicit mix of signed/unsigned elsewhere. Not an explicit (uint)-1.
08:12:46 <dP> oh, zorg pm
08:12:54 <dP> what a way to start the day 😆
08:13:31 <andythenorth> you got a pm?
08:13:33 <andythenorth> oof
08:13:36 <dP> yep
08:13:49 <dP> comes with a screenshot sheet because individually there were too many attachments xD
08:15:31 <dP> mostly just cmclient issues that I was already aware of
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08:16:01 <dP> but overall it's surprisingly nice and helpful pm, worth the read :)
08:16:25 <andythenorth> Zorg isn't hostile, just misguided
08:23:36 <pickpacket> <-- How the hell does this exploit work?
08:24:47 <pickpacket> dP: that was you, wasn't it?
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09:06:55 <LordAro> petern: my knee hurts :(
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10:12:17 <petern> Oof
10:13:01 <petern> That was a lot of miles
10:17:11 <ag> Endurance run?
10:20:17 <LordAro> a nice little 140 mile cycle
10:51:25 <ag> Holy
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11:28:47 <dP> ok, finally zorged a reply xD
11:29:32 <dP> pickpacket: yep, not sharing it publicly until it's fixed, sorry :p
11:29:49 <dP> though it kinda works a bit of puzzle for ppl to figure out rn
11:30:06 <dP> I'm tempted to make an achievement on citymania for that xD
11:30:21 <dP> need to make achievements a thing though first 🤣
11:36:07 <pickpacket> dP: But I want to knooooow! 😆
11:36:24 <pickpacket> I don't play competitive games. Should be harmless to tell me ;)
11:37:38 <pickpacket> did you find it when looking at the code or did you stumble upon it when playing? And how long have you known about it? :)
11:42:17 <Brickblock1> you aren't alone in this channel tho
12:28:00 <pickpacket> Brickblock1: can always DM :)
12:28:49 <Brickblock1> probably can't do that thru the bridge tho
12:31:08 <dP> let's just say it requires patching the client for a good result
12:31:17 <dP> still doable with vanilla but not nearly as broken
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12:52:34 <petern> Hmm, github broken :/
12:56:31 <pickpacket> dP: looking forward to the whole story when it's fixed :) the bug itself, how to trigger it, how you found it, and what the fix was
13:32:24 <dP> well, don't expect it to be soon, not a simple thing to fix properly
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17:44:35 <frosch> oh, it was more than plain station walking?
17:48:42 <frosch> ah, i see, insufficient command validation 🙂
17:49:53 <dP> not quite, adding validation will just make it harder to exploit but not impossible
18:33:44 <pickpacket> Uuh... I don't understand any of that 😂
18:48:56 <frosch> otherwise it wouldn't be a riddle
18:52:59 <frosch> my first guess was wrong, my assumed exploit did not work, so i am also still guessing 🙂
18:55:42 <dP> meanwhille I think I fugured a smart way to fix it and bunch of other related issues
18:56:01 <dP> needs a savegame version bump though so poke me when it's time for 14.0 xD
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19:44:44 <frosch> i still don't know what my neighbors use for heating... maybe wet wood pallets? but they fill the whole street with smoky fog on a regular basis, and now has been the second time in 3 years that some passerby called the fire brigade...
19:49:07 <FLHerne> I dread to think what the inside of their flue looks like
19:50:44 <FLHerne> they must be doing something really daft, once the stove is hot I can burn wet palletwood without a great deal of smoke :p
19:51:00 <FLHerne> (not that it's a good idea)
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21:17:14 <sittinbythefire> Hey guys, I was hoping someone could give me some clarification on why the change in #10546 ( was made? It has broken several NewGRFs and there isn't any context given in the PR as to why the decision was made to remove that particular feature.
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21:38:20 <FLHerne> sittinbythefire: I think the discussion originated from talking about
21:38:36 <FLHerne> (and the older issues linked there)
21:39:30 <FLHerne> it'll be somewhere in the chat history but I'm on my phone and can't search it easily
21:40:40 <andythenorth> there's also a discussion in jgr-patch-pack channel
21:41:08 <FLHerne> petern and Rubidium_ are both European time and it's pretty late here
21:41:39 <FLHerne> so asking earlier in the day may be better
21:42:24 <sittinbythefire> yeah i was hoping there were some night owls. thanks for the link though i'll dig into it
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22:34:26 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] glx22 commented on pull request #10580: Release backport
22:40:06 <dP> 10507 could use a backport I guess
22:44:00 <glx[d]> probably yes
22:44:52 <dP> also 10535
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