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08:23:14 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] Joel-Milligan commented on issue #10502: [Crash]: Fatal Application Failure whilst buying an engine
09:17:01 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] PeterN opened pull request #10553: Change: Truncated music set song names, and music set changing.
09:18:59 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] LordAro commented on pull request #10553: Change: Truncated music set song names, and music set changing.
09:28:39 <petern> Snowing eh
09:32:26 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] PeterN commented on pull request #10553: Change: Truncated music set song names, and music set changing.
10:17:31 <Xarick> hi
10:22:56 <Xarick> i knew i was missing something 😮
10:28:12 <Xarick> how do I get the depot index
10:30:51 <Xarick> nvm
11:05:13 <Xarick> there should be a group->child
11:21:25 <petern> There can be multiple children, but only one parent.
11:29:47 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] glx22 commented on issue #10502: [Crash]: Fatal Application Failure whilst buying an engine
11:34:03 <petern> Another win for accidental release asserts.
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11:46:24 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] SamuXarick updated pull request #10548: Feature: Groups cache vehicle lists
12:04:43 <Xarick> I'm having trouble dealing with empty lists
12:07:53 <Xarick> `ScriptList::~ScriptList()
12:07:53 <Xarick> {
12:07:53 <Xarick> delete this->sorter;
12:07:53 <Xarick> }`
12:07:59 <Xarick> it's asserting here
12:08:03 <Xarick> don't know what to do
12:12:36 <Xarick> asserts on line 31 when the list comes empty <>
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12:29:37 <glx[d]> Remove the &
12:31:59 <petern> Why add ScriptVehicleList1() to list1, instead of just using ScriptVehicleList1()?
12:33:22 <glx[d]> That too
12:33:32 <petern> And as list1 is added to this list anyway, why even have that temporary list too?
12:34:57 <glx[d]> Anyway AddList wants a pointer, and you pass the address of the pointer, that's wrong
12:40:43 <glx[d]> You really need to learn the basics about pointers
13:10:35 <Xarick> weird, there's no error in release mode
13:10:45 <Xarick> only asserts in debug
13:16:51 <Xarick> didn't work that way petern
13:17:52 <Xarick> read access violation
13:20:18 <petern> Release builds don't have asserts enabled.
13:29:07 <Xarick> im back to the same problem i had yesterday, memory usage doesn't go down
13:29:59 <glx[d]> `ScriptList *list1 = new ScriptVehicleList1();` should work
13:31:41 <glx[d]> ah no can't work, it's not a constructor
13:31:59 <LordAro> petern: pretty sure they do unless you're building a release branch (which has changed the default) or you've explicitly disabled them
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13:33:27 <glx[d]> only openttd asserts are still present I think
13:34:01 <glx[d]> this one was probably an msvcrt assert
13:35:21 <glx[d]> anyway ScriptVehicleList1() and ScriptVehicleList2() are probably wrong, returning local stack object is never a good idea
13:44:31 <Xarick> im stuck on this 😦
13:47:21 <glx[d]> try <>
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13:53:42 <Xarick> nice, seems to work
13:53:48 <Xarick> no memory issue
13:54:01 <Xarick> unsure about asserts, let me try debug mode
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13:55:36 <Xarick> i swear i tried that before and i had issues, now it works
13:55:44 <Xarick> i must have missed something
14:14:03 <Xarick> fantastic! I can finally test AIs
14:14:25 <Xarick> both list methods are produced and asserted if they're equal
14:19:46 <Xarick> the expected assert on free wagons
14:20:05 <Xarick> wondering if any AI really needs to list free wagons
14:21:30 <petern> Using a separate list for list1 is still redundant and makes a copy of the list contents.
14:22:09 <glx[d]> not really important, it's just a debug test for the functions
14:23:04 <glx[d]> in the end one of the two will be the actual constructor code
14:25:39 <kamnet> I'm surprised that nobody has taken ownership of the OpenGFX+ projects and moved them to Github
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14:33:29 <Xarick> <>
14:33:34 <Xarick> okay, valid reasons
14:51:05 <petern> kamnet: Are you offering? 😄
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15:15:50 <kamnet> petern: Only if you want to watch me screw it all up for giggles
15:25:19 <Xarick> wide rivers broke HellyFerry
15:25:29 <Xarick> HeliFerry*
15:34:43 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] SamuXarick updated pull request #10548: Feature: Groups cache vehicle lists
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15:45:08 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] glx22 commented on pull request #10548: Feature: Groups cache vehicle lists
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15:55:09 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] SamuXarick updated pull request #10548: Feature: Groups cache vehicle lists
16:00:27 <Xarick> I am probably dropping the cache checks
16:00:34 <Xarick> in openttd.cpp
16:00:44 <Xarick> can't find any issue as of yet
16:04:26 <Xarick> just had a random idea
16:04:44 <Xarick> limit the number of statues per town
16:04:48 <Xarick> company statues
16:10:25 <Rubidium> #10221
16:15:53 <Xarick> no, not those statues
16:16:10 <Xarick> the one that gives a perma boost to station ratings
16:21:51 <Xarick> i got some infrastructure cache mismatch: multiple companies in commands-out.log
16:22:06 <Xarick> but i don't know when that happened
16:22:36 <Xarick> yesterday or the day before, or so
16:24:03 <Xarick> is commands-out.log created from fresh everytime i debuglevel desync=2 ?
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16:31:55 <Xarick> i dont know what to do with these savegames
16:32:12 <Xarick> dmp_cmds_c34224fc_000ade1f.sav and the like
16:33:29 <LordAro> Xarick: there's a file in doc that describes debug desync
16:33:33 <LordAro> good luck.
16:38:12 <Xarick> 07-03 was yesterday
16:38:27 <Xarick> what did i run with debuglevel desync=2 that caused it to save
16:49:07 <GeorgeVB>
16:49:07 <GeorgeVB> Would these variables be available for purchase sprite as well?
16:49:07 <GeorgeVB> If we can adjust a name in the purchase tree, it would be nice to adjust graphics just the same way.
16:50:59 <GeorgeVB>
16:53:09 <GeorgeVB> As you can see, the serie's name is not replaced with a sub name, but is saved and only followed by a sub name.
16:54:50 <GeorgeVB> The same can be applied to menu sprite as well. Instead of having a sub sprite it would be possible to use some special sprite with a serie's part and subs part.
17:10:59 <Xarick> hmm the infrastructure cache mismatch was on the game I was currently running
17:11:33 <Xarick> too bad i closed the game, i guess i can reproduce it
17:11:37 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] J0anJosep updated pull request #8480: Feature: Extended depots
17:13:50 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] JGRennison opened issue #10554: [Crash]: Assertion failure scrolling to collapsed variant in autoreplace window
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17:23:59 <GeorgeVB> J0anJosepviaGitHub: It would be nice to have the possibility to limit the available trains' types as well. It is rather annoying to have steamers in the modern depot for electric trains
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17:31:24 <petern> 1) Best place to respond to a PR is in the PR 2) Seems offtopic for that PR.
17:34:09 <andythenorth>
17:34:41 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] PeterN opened pull request #10555: Fix #10554: Let Scrollbar::SetPosition clamp instead of assert.
17:34:59 <petern> 🤷
17:35:23 <petern> andythenorth: see the pinned messages 😉
17:37:08 <LordAro> andythenorth: only 89?
17:37:13 <LordAro> we're clearly not trying hard enough
17:37:42 <andythenorth> petern: it's a meme now
17:38:38 <andythenorth> so full yolo, change the purchase sprite according to context?
17:38:48 * andythenorth dunno
17:38:49 <pickpacket> I'm getting a pretty hefty return on my taxes this year. I'd like to put some of that toward supporting the project. Now I'm putting the responsibility for reminding me (probably around Easter) of that promise ;)
17:39:00 <petern> Purchase sprite vs not purchase sprite is the context
17:40:20 <Xarick> the infrastructure desync points out to road piece counting
17:40:37 <Xarick> 9 pieces vs 7 pieces
17:40:47 <andythenorth> petern: but categories!
17:40:52 <andythenorth> Separators!
17:41:21 <petern> "Why does the vehicle I purchased look different from the purchase list?"
17:42:41 <andythenorth> because it's a category folder divider marker
17:42:55 <Xarick>
17:43:12 <Xarick> any road changes recently?
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17:45:12 <pickpacket> uhh... are there any known bugs with the music or effects in 13.0?
17:45:13 <petern> How many road pieces are there?
17:46:44 <petern> I noticed that with the original DOS music the initial set up delay isn't there/enough.
17:47:51 <Xarick> okay, build a lorry station, then demolish it, you remain with 2 road pieces
17:47:57 <Xarick> there's the problem
17:48:38 <petern> 2? Drive through road stop?
17:48:52 <Xarick> yes
17:48:58 <Xarick> but i used demolish, dynamite
17:49:02 <Xarick> road is gone
17:50:20 <Xarick> bug is not present in 13.0
17:50:32 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] rubidium42 approved pull request #10553: Change: Truncated music set song names, and music set changing.
17:53:53 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] rubidium42 approved pull request #10555: Fix #10554: Let Scrollbar::SetPosition clamp instead of assert.
17:56:53 <Xarick> trying to hunt which commit caused the bug 😮
17:56:55 <Xarick> any ideas
17:57:11 <Rubidium> git bisect
17:59:03 <Xarick> hmm I don't know it
18:07:09 <Xarick> I think i found it
18:08:36 <Xarick> 4c1406a4b5421632df2b5faadd56d5d965c108a8
18:09:01 <Xarick> Add: NewGRF road stops
18:09:04 <Xarick> this one
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18:09:07 <pickpacket> When I try to play music in 13.0 it looks like this:
18:14:37 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] SamuXarick opened issue #10556: [Bug]: Road piece count incorrect
18:16:20 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] rubidium42 requested changes for pull request #10512: Doc: Add Coding Style into the repo for easier access, also add vscode into gitignore
18:17:06 <andythenorth> hmm
18:17:19 <andythenorth> you know we need to increase roadtype limit to 65k?
18:17:29 <andythenorth> well that would be great, then we could have categories
18:17:34 <andythenorth> how about roadtype variants?
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18:21:37 <andythenorth> timberwolf I played Stunt Car Racer recently
18:21:45 <andythenorth> WASM or dosbox web or something
18:21:48 <andythenorth> still super hard
18:21:54 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] JGRennison opened pull request #10557: Fix #10556: Duplication of road infrastructure count updates when building a road stop
18:25:31 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] rubidium42 approved pull request #10557: Fix #10556: Duplication of road infrastructure count updates when building a road stop
18:26:29 <kamnet> andythenorth: Yes, please and thank you. Gosh I knew I was missing something!
18:26:44 <andythenorth> it was intended as a troll suggestion
18:26:46 <andythenorth> but err
18:26:54 <andythenorth> it might actually solve a lot of the fuckery
18:28:04 <kamnet> Road -> Road with white stripes / Road with yellow stripes / road with or without electricity.
18:28:45 <kamnet> It would actually make the UI easier
18:28:58 <andythenorth>
18:30:08 <kamnet> Something like that, yes.
18:30:28 <andythenorth> that's just how it is now 😛
18:30:37 <andythenorth> that's how roadtypes are used 😛
18:32:04 <kamnet> Oh I thought the [ - ] was supposed to represent a submenu you could open
18:33:23 <TallTyler> Variants would probably need the road menu to change from a dropdown to a new GUI, like the Object menu. Which probably wouldn't be a bad thing, new players get confused by the dropdown, in my experience. Rails would need the same treatment too, I think.
18:33:24 <Xarick> "electrifield"
18:34:28 <petern> andythenorth: Such interoperability.
18:34:30 <kamnet> TallTyler: Would be better for mobile platforms too
18:35:10 <TallTyler> Indeed
18:35:16 <petern> Why did someone include green backgrounds...
18:35:16 <andythenorth> I mean...ideas are easy 🙂
18:35:24 <andythenorth> I've had as many as 10 ideas before breakfast
18:35:37 <andythenorth> 6 of them impossible
18:38:25 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] 2TallTyler merged pull request #10557: Fix #10556: Duplication of road infrastructure count updates when building a road stop
18:38:28 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] 2TallTyler closed issue #10556: [Bug]: Road piece count incorrect
18:45:04 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] SamuXarick closed pull request #10373: Allow Scripts to convert returned uint32 values to int64
18:48:41 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] DorpsGek pushed 1 commits to master
18:48:42 <DorpsGek> - Update: Translations from eints (by translators)
19:52:16 <Timberwolf> andythenorth: I was fine until I got to Division 2, and then it got difficult :)
19:52:33 <Timberwolf> I still haven't seen the Super Division off the back of my own work.
20:02:19 <andythenorth> I can't even finish track 1
20:02:56 <Xarick> I'm not sure where to put the EnforceCompanyModeValid
20:03:59 <Xarick> in here <>
20:04:17 <andythenorth> timberwolf ever played Stunt Racer 2000 on RiscOS?
20:04:51 <Xarick> do I put it before the retry part, or after?
20:05:20 <Timberwolf> No, I didn't even realise it existed!
20:05:49 <andythenorth> definite 'inspired by'
20:06:04 <andythenorth> physics handling was more complete, but also even twitchier
20:06:23 <Xarick> or do I put it at line 623?
20:06:28 <Rubidium> Xarick: maybe be inspired by #10529?
20:06:28 <andythenorth> had some good mod-tracker or midi music
20:08:08 <Xarick> ah, thanks
20:09:30 <Xarick> oh, pff, you're doing there what I was going to do
20:10:34 <Rubidium> did that previous month, but split it up into multiple smaller simpler PRs... and now that one's waiting for a review
20:13:12 <Xarick> I was wondering if i could put the condition earlier
20:13:40 <Xarick> you have them placed in the same position as I do in script_order.cpp
20:14:59 <Xarick> there's no need to, for example, resolve order position if the company isn't valid
20:15:16 <Xarick> i could move them up
20:15:33 <Rubidium> I've just took the easy route and added them just before the others
20:15:57 <TrueBrain> oooeeehhhh, did Rubidium write Python code? 😄
20:17:32 <andythenorth> I saw a rubidium PR with python in it
20:17:32 <Xarick> SetOrderFlags is difficult to understand what it does
20:17:44 <Xarick> there's callbacks
20:20:52 <glx[d]> callback is just to try multiple times
20:23:13 <Rubidium> TrueBrain: I might have, I wouldn't necessarily say it's good or efficient code
20:23:31 <TrueBrain> I am writing you the most nitpicking review OpenTTD has seen in a while
20:23:38 <TrueBrain> and you can 100% ignore all comments if you so like 😄
20:23:47 <TrueBrain> but thought you might appreciate some Pythonic hints and tricks 😄
20:24:45 <Rubidium> the last I wrote Python was probably still in the 2.x era
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20:25:14 <TrueBrain> function wise you did well; nothing really to improve there
20:26:49 <TrueBrain> does `@game` and `@pre` stack? Cool 🙂
20:27:43 <Rubidium> I saw it being used in many other places, so I guess it does
20:28:43 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain commented on pull request #10529: Fix: crash due to incomplete deity/company mode precondition checks
20:28:56 <TrueBrain> none of these comments matter; so do with them what-ever you like 🙂
20:31:23 <LordAro> oh wow, i didn't even notice the tabs
20:31:35 <TrueBrain> your OCD sucks balls
20:31:38 <TrueBrain> 😄
20:31:47 <LordAro> github hid it from me
20:32:04 <TrueBrain> for me it renders as 8 spaces, so it triggered me 😛
20:33:39 <TrueBrain> I like you wrote a script to prevent this problem from existing again 🙂 That is nice 🙂
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20:36:29 <TallTyler> Hey people who are smarter at bitwise ops than me, what's `(_date & 0x1F) == 0` mean? It's true every 30 days? (
20:36:48 <glx[d]> 31
20:37:04 <JGR> Once every 32 days
20:37:25 <TrueBrain> `0 & 0x1F` is zero, `0x20 & 0x1f` is zero, `0x40 & 0x1f` is zero
20:38:49 <TallTyler> Is there a reason to use this instead of a modulo?
20:39:08 <TrueBrain>
20:39:42 <glx[d]> playing with bits is often faster
20:39:48 <TrueBrain> TallTyler: premature optimization basically. In the old days, not all compilers changed a modulo into an and. And this way you know you are using a power-of-two, instead of a slower modulo
20:40:06 <dwfreed> modern compilers generally produce the same results when doing mod a power of 2
20:40:39 <TallTyler> Ah, that gist is very helpful at showing why it's more efficient 🙂
20:41:14 <JGR> Mod behaves unintuitively with negative numbers, & is generally easier to understand
20:42:06 <TrueBrain> it gets wild when people start to do `_date & ((1 << 6) - 1)` 😛
20:42:29 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] J0anJosep opened pull request #10558: Fix: Improve grfmessage for ShipVehicleChangeInfo.
20:45:31 <Rubidium> dwfreed: only true when using *unsigned* integers, with *signed* integers you get a different result (due to modulo behaving differently with negative numbers)
20:46:32 <dwfreed> sure, but generally if you're dealing with negative numbers, you know you are :P
20:48:50 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] 2TallTyler approved pull request #10558: Fix: Improve grfmessage for ShipVehicleChangeInfo.
20:48:58 <Rubidium> true, but the compiler might not know that the int you did the modulo on doesn't (shouldn't) become negative, or won't be negative in your specific part of the code
20:50:00 <Rubidium> though if you do your types correctly, i.e. mark them unsigned when they shouldn't become negative then there's no problem
20:51:02 <dwfreed> heh, gcc identifies that I'm performing the same operation and doesn't even calculate the second var
20:51:19 <TrueBrain> I just love when your modulo is negative, not all languages return the same value 😛 It confuses me every time ...
20:51:40 <dwfreed> indeed, python does not do negative modulo
20:51:51 <TrueBrain> it kinda does, just different 😛
20:51:57 <TrueBrain> 9 % -4 == -3
20:52:07 <dwfreed> -37 % 32 is -5 in C, 27 in python
20:53:04 <TrueBrain> it just cracks me up, languages can behave differently like that .. it is so confusing
20:53:19 <glx[d]> it's the same plus/minus 32 🙂
20:53:30 <TrueBrain> and neither is wrong
20:53:33 <TrueBrain> they are just different 😛
20:56:00 <andythenorth> ok time to write my GS debugger some more
20:56:01 <andythenorth> in GS
20:56:03 <andythenorth>
20:56:09 <andythenorth> can I have text entry and eval?
20:56:18 <andythenorth> then I can run an arbitrary named function
20:56:31 <andythenorth> or inspect the values of arbitrary table slots and class instances
20:56:40 <andythenorth> "what could go wrong"
20:57:00 <TrueBrain> can I have "insert something widely out of scope of the thing at hand" here? Answer: no
20:57:02 <TrueBrain> there, I solved it 😄
20:57:16 <andythenorth> I have an idea though
20:57:27 <andythenorth> there's probably a case for a search widget in storybook
20:57:33 <andythenorth> then I can take the search query and abuse it 😛
20:57:35 <andythenorth> as a text input
20:58:22 <andythenorth> "Search the storybook" would be really useful....right?
20:58:45 <dP> I haven't seen any case for a buttons in storybook yet
20:58:53 <dP> besides your ... thing
20:59:06 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] glx22 merged pull request #10558: Fix: Improve grfmessage for ShipVehicleChangeInfo.
20:59:27 <andythenorth> it was originally tutorial I think?
20:59:28 <andythenorth> maybe
20:59:30 <andythenorth> not sure
20:59:51 <TallTyler> The tutorial doesn't use the storybook, it hadn't been added yet
20:59:54 <dP> no someone just added them for no particular reason iirc
21:00:00 <TallTyler> Just the blue notification messages
21:01:06 <andythenorth> anyway, as I am trying to teach everyone I know...
21:01:06 <andythenorth> once you have
21:01:06 <andythenorth> - food & shelter
21:01:06 <andythenorth> - access to medical care
21:01:06 <andythenorth> - basic level of human relations (friends / family / etc)
21:01:07 <andythenorth> Then the only remaining use case for anything is 'lolz'
21:01:22 <andythenorth> Obvs. not everyone has those things, so they are unable to make progress on the 'for the lolz' agenda
21:01:28 <andythenorth> sad state of the world
21:01:32 <Xarick> question: `* @game @pre ScriptCompanyMode::IsValid() when group_id != GROUP_ALL && group_id != GROUP_DEFAULT.`is this good english?
21:01:46 <TallTyler> I didn't expect a philosophy lesson in Discord channel #openttd-development today 😛
21:01:59 <TrueBrain> it is andythenorth , you never actually know what you can expect
21:04:43 <dP> in theory buttons in the story book sound like a good idea
21:04:56 <dP> on practice they're kinda awkward like the rest of the story book
21:05:20 <dP> I have a feeling most players don't even know what story book is
21:06:21 <dP> and then there is a whole thing with individual story books for each company...
21:08:36 <andythenorth> the buttons are awesome
21:08:38 <andythenorth> but also shitty
21:08:51 <andythenorth> they have quite a few nice features about styling
21:08:56 <andythenorth> a little bit of layout control
21:09:06 <andythenorth> and a totally horrific way of bubbling events to handle UI clicks
21:09:56 <andythenorth> they can do colours and stuff
21:09:58 <andythenorth>
21:10:02 <andythenorth> and position left / middle / right
21:10:43 <andythenorth> It would be really helpful to have toggles / latches, but I can fake them by removing the button on click and replacing it with a different one
21:10:52 <andythenorth> I am planning to make the settings for my GS in the story book
21:11:00 <andythenorth> so they can be changed during gameplay
21:11:55 <andythenorth> oh maybe settings can be changed in GS during gameplay anyway now?
21:12:08 <andythenorth>
21:12:11 <andythenorth> seems to be available to me
21:12:58 <dP> may be affected by debug mode
21:14:17 <andythenorth> what does 'reload_ai' do and why doesn't GS have it? 🙂
21:14:23 * andythenorth did list_cmds
21:14:37 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] rubidium42 updated pull request #10529: Fix: crash due to incomplete deity/company mode precondition checks
21:14:58 <glx[d]> reload_ai kills the company and restart it
21:15:51 <andythenorth> ok so not applicable to GS
21:16:14 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain approved pull request #10529: Fix: crash due to incomplete deity/company mode precondition checks
21:26:55 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] SamuXarick updated pull request #10411: Expose more functions to game scripts
21:33:32 *** gelignite has quit IRC (Quit: Stay safe!)
21:33:52 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] rubidium42 merged pull request #10529: Fix: crash due to incomplete deity/company mode precondition checks
21:34:10 <Rubidium> thanks TrueBrain ;)
21:34:27 <Xarick> wow, conflicts incoming, and i just rebased
21:34:32 <Xarick> amazing
21:35:43 <Rubidium> you could've expected that given the approval ;)
21:40:50 <Xarick> 🙂
21:42:55 <glx[d]> there's still many places not using EnforceXXX macros
21:45:48 <Rubidium> is that in company/deity mode context, or just in general?
21:46:29 <glx[d]> in general
21:46:47 <glx[d]> noticed them when doing SQInteger stuff
21:47:41 <Rubidium> yeah, I noticed them too and then thought... something for later ;)
21:47:57 <glx[d]> yeah was out of scope for my PR
21:48:04 <andythenorth>
21:48:04 <andythenorth> is it intended that pages in the global story book also show in the company story book?
21:49:34 <andythenorth> seems to be
21:49:35 <andythenorth> ok
22:03:29 <Xarick>
22:03:29 <Xarick> we have a disagreement
22:03:55 <Xarick> it's not a command
22:04:27 <frosch> TrueBrain: for the record: the python 3.x modulo is the correct one
22:04:30 <glx[d]> but it's using GetCompany()
22:04:46 <andythenorth> hmm writing table slot values to story book
22:04:57 <Xarick> one sets an error message, the other doesn't
22:05:00 <TrueBrain> frosch: Glad you made that decision :p
22:05:05 <glx[d]> anything using GetCompany() needs to be enforced
22:05:23 <andythenorth> should I write a recursive function, for when slots contain tables? 😛
22:05:27 <andythenorth>
22:06:18 <glx[d]> setting the error is ok here
22:06:44 <glx[d]> as it is actually an error
22:07:13 <Xarick> but it's not running a DoCommand 😦
22:07:15 <Xarick> ok, then
22:07:41 <andythenorth> oof can't sort squirrel tables it seems
22:07:59 <glx[d]> preconditions are not only for commands, they can be for any API functions
22:08:53 <Xarick> got a dilema to solve now 😦
22:09:21 <Xarick> GetEngineReplacement
22:09:42 <Xarick> GetNumEngines
22:09:46 <Xarick> GetNumVehicles
22:15:21 *** keikoz has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
22:21:16 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] SamuXarick updated pull request #10411: Expose more functions to game scripts
22:21:19 <Xarick> let's see what's gonna happen
22:21:41 <Xarick> failed
22:23:35 <Xarick> wow, this is new
22:23:37 <Xarick> hehe
22:24:04 <Xarick> <>
22:24:39 <Xarick> I put the precondition in ScriptOrder::SetOrderFlags() instead
22:25:42 <Xarick> oops GetNumVehicles doesn't need the precondition
22:26:55 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] SamuXarick updated pull request #10411: Expose more functions to game scripts
22:26:58 <glx[d]> use EnforceDeityOrCompanyModeValid then
22:27:12 <andythenorth> can I lambda sort in squirrel 2 sort()
22:27:21 <andythenorth> or do I have to write a custom comparator?
22:27:40 <andythenorth> squirrel 3 seems to have `result.sort(@(a,b) a<=>b);`
22:27:43 <andythenorth> but that errors in GS
22:28:51 <Xarick> how is this detection method working?
22:29:16 <Rubidium> Xarick: it does need one of the preconditions checks, specifically the one glx mentioned, because a company mode becomes invalid when the company goes away, but you aren't deity either.
22:29:49 <Xarick> i see
22:29:57 <Rubidium> in other words, CompanyMode::IsValid() || CompanyMode::IsDeity() does not always result in true
22:30:18 <glx[d]> the script mainly checks if ScriptObject::GetCompany() is protected
22:32:22 <Xarick> EnforceDeityOrCompanyModeValid(false); for those 3 functions seems weird
22:32:32 <Xarick> they have special rules
22:33:22 <Xarick> depending on the group, it may or may not require being in Company Mode
22:35:03 <glx[d]> you can put the Enforce call only where needed
22:36:07 <Rubidium> please don't add EnforceDeityMode and EnforceCompanyModeValid in two different branches
22:36:24 <Rubidium> just use EnforceDeityOrCompanyModeValid before branching
22:36:54 <Rubidium> any further rules you can implement after it, just like is done for building roads
22:37:57 <glx[d]> anyway for ScriptGroup::GetNumVehicles() the Or version is fine
22:38:00 <Rubidium> or... just not make the functions complicated by only allowing company mode
22:38:11 <glx[d]> as you explicitely want one or another
22:38:38 * andythenorth such fun :)
22:38:41 <andythenorth>
22:38:42 <Rubidium> because... why would you want to iterate over *some* groups of vehicles?
22:38:47 <andythenorth>
22:39:09 <Rubidium> but not have access to the default/all group. That's only going to make the API harder to understand and use
22:39:58 <andythenorth> I think next I need to abuse side channels so GS can control industry
22:40:04 <andythenorth> how many bits do I get?
22:40:51 <andythenorth> 3 bits via IndustryControlFlags
22:40:56 <andythenorth> that's 8 values?
22:41:12 <andythenorth>
22:41:37 <glx[d]> and I agree with rubidium, groups are for company scope, if GS wants to do more it can change scope multiple times
22:43:17 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] SamuXarick updated pull request #10411: Expose more functions to game scripts
22:44:15 *** esselfe has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
22:45:08 <Xarick> _SetOrderFlags is false positive imo
22:45:22 <Xarick> I moved it up further to SetOrderFlags instead
22:47:45 <glx[d]> it must be in _SetOrderFlags
22:48:27 <Xarick> ah, i see, there's 2 functions
22:48:35 <Xarick> calling _SetOrderFlags
22:48:37 <andythenorth> hmm can we add more arbitrary industry control flags?
22:48:58 <Xarick> think im gonna revert my movements
22:49:34 <andythenorth> if I can find 1 more bit that can be given a reason to exist
22:50:09 <andythenorth> then I have 16 values
22:50:24 <andythenorth> or 2 sets of 4
22:51:03 *** esselfe has joined #openttd
22:51:41 <andythenorth> INDCTL_CLOSE_SOON?
22:52:12 <andythenorth> or I could just not abuse side channels, and we could have actual comms?
22:52:22 <andythenorth> but I don't know how 😛
22:52:56 <andythenorth> GS reading / writing grf registers was already ruled out
23:00:45 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] SamuXarick updated pull request #10411: Expose more functions to game scripts
23:01:26 <glx[d]> using registers could work, but only if 2 are reserved for that, one for newgrf->GS, one for GS->newgrf
23:03:38 <Xarick> <>
23:03:45 <Xarick> I have this <>
23:03:55 <Xarick> it's correct
23:05:21 <JGR> Directly writing to NewGRF registers is probably not the best design
23:06:12 <glx[d]> a specific newgrf callback would be better I guess
23:06:37 <Xarick> It didn't detect ScriptCompany::IsMine btw
23:06:50 <Xarick> I'm not using enforce precondition
23:07:17 <glx[d]> the detection is done for Command or GetCompany
23:07:54 <glx[d]> if the function doesn't call these it won't enforce
23:08:20 <Xarick> it requires being in a valid company
23:08:20 <JGR> Given that GSs can be arbitrarily suspended, you'd have all sorts of horrid race issues if you wanted to write more than one register at once
23:08:40 <Xarick> oh well
23:09:50 <JGR> A callback is atomic and the command layer already handles proper queuing
23:10:27 <glx[d]> so yeah command and newgrf callback
23:19:59 <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] SamuXarick updated pull request #10411: Expose more functions to game scripts
23:20:54 <Xarick> yes, it didn't complain now
23:22:24 <Xarick> oh, linux failed
23:22:29 <Xarick> not my fault