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01:19:20 <Eddi|zuHause> "Auckland (New Zealand) saw the first snow in 80 years"
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01:29:40 <KittenKoder> Cool beans.
01:45:13 <Pikka> especially if you sit down on the ground
01:54:06 <KittenKoder> LOL
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02:13:23 <KittenKoder> How's this for a lev1 replacement?
02:13:53 <KittenKoder> Shrunk down it should get the illusion of more detail.
02:14:13 <KittenKoder> Blue = company color 1, Green = company color 2 ....
02:14:58 <KittenKoder> .... and now everyone's probably asleep. >.<
02:20:46 <Pikka> interesting
02:21:04 <Pikka> dunno about the green stripes, makes it look a bit like it's held together with tape :P
02:22:18 <KittenKoder> LOL
02:22:35 <KittenKoder> As I said, it will be second company color or darker company color.
02:22:59 <KittenKoder> Though .... the one across the top .... that does seem a bit too much.
02:23:29 <KittenKoder> Maybe if I made it go lengthwise?
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02:29:40 <KittenKoder> Okay, color touch up, and stripe going length wise:
02:29:45 <KittenKoder> You may have to refresh.
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02:31:46 <KittenKoder> Trying to make it so it also fits with at least a few other train sets.
02:35:59 <KittenKoder> It converts to the DOS palette nicely with these colors.
02:39:59 <Pikka> cool
02:43:04 <KittenKoder> Hmm ... taking it to the right size loses a little more detail than I thought .... gotta make a bit more contrast.
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02:52:06 <KittenKoder> Here it is with the correct size:
02:53:59 <KittenKoder> Something just doesn't look right on it.
02:55:33 <KittenKoder> Looks more like a bus than a train engine.
03:07:12 <Pinkbeast> It might be worth looking at it in context (ie, on the appropriate kind of tracks)
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03:08:32 <KittenKoder> Well, the default maglev tracks it would work ....
03:11:26 <KittenKoder> I think I found the problem, the front end was angled too much so when I rendered it to the correct size it looked wrong.
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03:16:58 <KittenKoder> Also ... why didn't anyone point out that I had used red on the front end? >.<
03:17:27 <KittenKoder> JK of course ... but that was part of the problem to.
03:21:54 <pjpe> lessthanthree is your server down or has my dns gone crazy
03:22:05 <pjpe> ain't even dns
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03:44:17 <KittenKoder> I could just do this for replacing the sprites, huh?
04:00:01 <KittenKoder> Anyone familiar with NML alert right now?
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04:22:32 <Pikka> KittenKoder, it'd probably be better to code it "properly" as a vehicle.
04:22:51 <KittenKoder> Then what ID would I use for the replacement?
04:23:09 <KittenKoder> All I want to do is replace the sprite, not change anything else.
04:23:39 <Pikka> within opengfx+?
04:23:43 <KittenKoder> Yeah.
04:24:00 <KittenKoder> Not directly though, as a GRF.
04:24:11 <Pikka> hmm
04:24:38 <Pikka> well, if opengfx+ just uses the default sprites, then I guess replacing the sprites would work.
04:25:12 <KittenKoder> I'll try and see what it does.
04:25:34 <KittenKoder> Once I get the sprites themselves done.
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05:40:06 <KittenKoder> Wait, it looks like they already chose new ones.
05:43:04 <KittenKoder> Which is a good thing because I don't want to code a whole thing just to get replacement sprites. LOL
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07:28:40 <Terkhen> good morning
07:28:54 <KittenKoder> hihi
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07:45:17 <mosi|work> is there a current copy/paste patch for 1.1.2 ?
07:46:54 <planetmaker> 1.1.2 with a c&p patch is not 1.1.2 anymore.
07:47:01 <planetmaker> thus you can use a nightly right away
07:47:38 <mosi|work> that i might actually do, cheers
07:48:14 <planetmaker> basides: the newest version is most likely found in the patch's thread or nowhere ;-)
07:49:04 <mosi|work> just found it, latest release was aug 15. i was thinking that was last month for some reason
07:50:52 <planetmaker> one month is also not much time
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08:22:02 <AlexLivingstone> hi
08:28:32 <KittenKoder> I am of the mind that I suck at drawing sprites.
08:38:52 <planetmaker> it's not a job done quickly nor learnt quickly, I think
08:39:54 <KittenKoder> I need to learn to draw them by hand.
08:40:11 <KittenKoder> I have a pen tablet ... don't know why I keep forgetting to use it.
08:40:56 <planetmaker> some people use 3D models to get the shape about right. But all better 8bpp sprite artists give them a manual retouch as far as I know.
08:41:13 <planetmaker> those who don't draw them w/o a model right away that is
08:41:42 <KittenKoder> I can model well in 3D ... but they don't transfer well, they wind up needing to be almost completely redrawn.
08:42:07 <KittenKoder> ... and then I just can't get it to line up at all. >.<
08:43:03 <KittenKoder> What I am thinking of is making a 3D model of the basic outline to get the lighting right, then draw the rest by hand.
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08:45:54 <KittenKoder> The hardest part is that the color conversions wind up with a lot of animated colors, then adding the company colors is another story.
08:46:47 <Terkhen> IIRC egrvts was done with 3D models converted to 8bpp sprites, for example
08:49:42 <KittenKoder> I saw that, but I can't get the same results no matter what I do.
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08:53:13 <KittenKoder> Just realized one reason it's been hard.
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08:56:06 <KittenKoder> Hey, can the purple block be used for custom colors?
08:56:15 <KittenKoder> In the DOS palette.
08:57:37 <Hirundo> No, you can't change the palette, it's hard-coded in OpenTTD
08:58:56 <KittenKoder> Okay, thanks, just checking because it would have been nice, but not needed.
08:59:42 <planetmaker> well... there are re-colour sprites. Thus you can re-sort the palette
09:00:05 <KittenKoder> I saw those commands in NML
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09:07:01 <Yexo> KittenKoder: if you need more colors than are available in the default palette you'll need to use a 32bpp blitter
09:08:15 <planetmaker> Yexo: still. I already wondered whether one could assign other colours to the unused slots in the DOS palette
09:08:31 <planetmaker> not on newgrf-side but on openttd side
09:08:55 <Yexo> openttd could do that probably
09:09:04 <KittenKoder> Yexo, yeah, I saw that, but I don't need a LOT more colors. ;)
09:09:13 <planetmaker> it's afterall wasted pixels which is not needed anymore anywhere
09:09:16 <KittenKoder> Just the purples as a gradient would have been cool.
09:11:13 <peter1138> 18 unused colours isn't it?
09:11:25 <KittenKoder> 11
09:11:33 <peter1138> hm
09:11:35 <KittenKoder> Erm, 12, math is off.
09:11:51 <peter1138> right, i'm looking at the windows palette, d'oh
09:11:54 <KittenKoder> For the DOS palette.
09:12:12 <KittenKoder> Windows, yeah, I think it's 18 but I'm too lazy to load that one up now. :p
09:12:36 <KittenKoder> But then again, the DOS one has two gray gradients.
09:12:46 <planetmaker> only fixing the DOS palette is interesting
09:13:08 <Pikka> KittenKoder, the secret to rendering sprites is to use a palette containing only the colours that you want :)
09:13:10 <planetmaker> s/fixing/enhancing/g
09:13:27 <KittenKoder> That's what I had JUST realized, Pikka .... LOL
09:13:30 <planetmaker> Pikka: thus you render already with the proper palette?
09:13:36 <Pikka> for example, my av8 palette only really has the two company colours and shades of grey
09:13:46 <KittenKoder> I was looking at the palettes then thought "if I just turn all the colors I don't want to pure white ...."
09:13:55 <Pikka> pure pink is a better idea :P
09:14:00 <planetmaker> ^
09:14:07 <peter1138> magenta :D
09:14:14 <Pikka> him too
09:14:15 <KittenKoder> I was thinking of using pure pink as the company color for the rendering.
09:14:32 <planetmaker> CC has shades. You don't want to loose that
09:14:39 <Pikka> well, you want the 8 shades of company colour, so it's better to stick with blue and green imo
09:14:44 <KittenKoder> Well, a gradient pink, then it would be easier to convert while keeping the other colors.
09:14:54 <planetmaker> KittenKoder: CC is the blue one
09:15:03 <KittenKoder> But metalic colors are bluish. >.<
09:15:06 <planetmaker> if you do it pink, you add an unnecessary step
09:15:07 <Pikka> I guess there's no reason you couldn't use pink though, planetmaker
09:15:24 <planetmaker> except that it needs conversion ;-)
09:15:29 <Pikka> why?
09:15:29 <planetmaker> but yes... maybe to distinguish
09:15:41 <planetmaker> Pikka: from pink -> blue before actual usage?
09:15:48 <Pikka> nope, the colours in your palette don't need to be the same colours that will be displayed in ttd
09:15:56 <KittenKoder> Not really, I can make a custom palette where the pink replaces the CC in the positions, then using gimp I just apply the new palette without actually converting.
09:16:00 <planetmaker> hm.. .right. Just palette entries
09:16:05 <planetmaker> :-)
09:16:11 <planetmaker> didn't think of that
09:16:22 <planetmaker> I should make more use of that. Thanks for the prod
09:17:12 <KittenKoder> Gimp lets you apply palettes in two ways, going from RBG to palette it calculates the "best" index for each pixel, but switching the palette after going to indexed it just applies the new colors to each pixel using the same index values.
09:17:33 <planetmaker> I know
09:17:41 <KittenKoder> Oh. >.<
09:17:52 <KittenKoder> I think I typed all that out for myself really.
09:17:59 <KittenKoder> I'm lame like that sometimes.
09:18:59 <planetmaker> just compiling the new gimp versions is a bitch :-P - thus I can't test the 2.8 alphas ;-)
09:19:32 <planetmaker> they sadly depend on libs which are not readily available
09:20:41 <KittenKoder> Too many programs have been doing that lately.
09:21:07 <KittenKoder> Gnome is using a LOT of unstables for their latest official releases even. That annoys me.
09:21:45 <KittenKoder> Not Gnome, Ubuntu.
09:22:08 <KittenKoder> Gah, I should be sleeping, just getting palette ideas.
09:23:00 <planetmaker> Requested 'babl >= 0.1.4' but version of babl is 0.1.2 <-- and 0.1.4 is not released
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09:47:17 <KittenKoder> There, I think I finally made a palette that will make sprite conversion from 3D a lot simpler for me ....
09:48:23 <KittenKoder> Whited out all the animated colors, changed cc1 to purple, whited out the purple, and made cc2 pure green.
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09:55:14 <KittenKoder> IT WORKS!
09:55:23 * KittenKoder does the caramelldansen
09:56:02 <KittenKoder> No more searching for miscolored pixels the hard way.
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09:57:47 <KittenKoder> If I venture into non-vehicle objects, I can make different conversion palette bases depending on what animated color is used.
09:59:27 * KittenKoder wonders if this technique would be nice to share.
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10:38:35 <Eddi|zuHause> woah... i've just seen a Darkvater...
10:42:43 <KittenKoder> Wait ..... wat?
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13:01:53 <Belugas> hello
13:07:04 <Pinkbeast> Morning
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14:53:29 <AlexLivingstone> is somebody selling grafic-librarys for using it in openttd?
14:55:23 <andythenorth> @seen somebody
14:55:23 <DorpsGek> andythenorth: I have not seen somebody.
14:56:39 <AlexLivingstone> openttd will be released as browsergame in the next future ;)
14:59:26 <Eddi|zuHause> luckily not in this future, only in the next future, so there's some time left...
15:00:37 <planetmaker> :-P
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15:01:53 <planetmaker> actually, if you ask me now, AlexLivingstone, I have some pretty new OpenGFX in stock. I can make a special offer of only 50€. Or as multi-user version for 500€ (up to 50 users) or 1000€ (unlimited users)
15:01:55 <planetmaker> Deal? :-P
15:16:00 <Rubidium> planetmaker: oh, that sounds nice... let me look up the back account number you can get that money from... got it somewhere
15:18:45 <AlexLivingstone> TX1337FRND
15:19:18 <AlexLivingstone> ASD
15:19:40 <AlexLivingstone> alex StoneD =_=
15:20:49 <AlexLivingstone> 2006-12-10
15:21:11 <Rubidium> planetmaker: though I'd sell SDL as a graphics library
15:21:19 <AlexLivingstone> yes we do IT
15:22:05 <planetmaker> We could sell most things here - except opensfx
15:23:12 <AlexLivingstone> h old, i am in a buy buy situation. can only pay with hometrained
15:30:56 <andythenorth> AlexLivingstone: I have $10,000 here which you could have a share of
15:31:08 <andythenorth> but first please send me $1,000 to unlock it with
15:34:26 <planetmaker> :-)
15:34:54 <planetmaker> sounds like a viable business model
15:36:10 <AlexLivingstone> $ != Amero Aight?
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15:38:46 <AlexLivingstone> planetmaker: 8-view gif with transparency or 8-class-model
15:39:56 <AlexLivingstone> andythenorth:1.000 for planetmaker and the rest for surviving a video shot..?
15:40:38 <AlexLivingstone> but who buys videos 2day
15:41:40 <AlexLivingstone> maybe planetmaker can ask for the buy-IN
15:42:31 <planetmaker> you don't honestly want anyone of us to pay for something related to openttd developement done by a 3rd party side?
15:43:58 <planetmaker> we all work for the joy of it on this project and anyone is free to do so, too
15:46:47 <planetmaker> anyone can of course also spend the money on it as s/he pleases
15:47:02 <planetmaker> but it's not like we can fund any development
15:48:13 <planetmaker> and I think I heard this story already
15:48:47 <Pinkbeast> planetmaker> I'm slightly impressed you seem to understand what he's on about
15:50:47 <planetmaker> Pinkbeast: not sure. But I just got a flashback
15:51:18 <planetmaker> and there it was like "we make openttd a browser game if you can sponsor $$$"
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15:55:28 <AlexLivingstone> $$$ sounds like *** or foo and not bar foo cash money ;) what would you please for implement 1.4 AME > 1 EUR <0.6 AME with playback for choosing currency by city/bank with attitudes when +1- for -1+, i dont have 3rd party side only front side speakers and also would do it for the joy
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15:55:54 <AlexLivingstone> the story is about +/-2006
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16:13:28 <AlexLivingstone> i am late
16:13:30 <AlexLivingstone> need only 1 helicopter
16:13:39 <AlexLivingstone> buy
16:14:02 <AlexLivingstone> what about gadafi model
16:14:07 <AlexLivingstone> ?
16:14:13 <AlexLivingstone> damn
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16:14:20 <AlexLivingstone> cc
16:15:36 <AlexLivingstone> planetmaker: one helicopter (flight) unlimited
16:16:16 <AlexLivingstone> sry
16:16:35 <AlexLivingstone> openttd is source
16:17:17 <Eddi|zuHause> use the sauce...
16:17:42 <AlexLivingstone> yesterday night i dreamed about the woman in red clothes in a car holding me as a pet
16:19:37 <AlexLivingstone> KittenKoder: you have to want to kill the bad image with the noise of your pen. a pen is more dangerous than a hornet
16:20:58 <andythenorth> go to sleep ninky nonk
16:21:05 <andythenorth> go to sleep pinky ponl
16:22:16 <Terkhen> what's up with this guy?
16:23:39 <Eddi|zuHause> reminds me of babyottd :p
16:25:01 <AlexLivingstone> pixel is still idea and goal which the hu mans can done atm
16:25:19 <Terkhen> bbl
16:25:26 <andythenorth> ottd should have a children's TV newgrf
16:25:27 <AlexLivingstone> Eddi|zuHause, ja
16:25:41 <andythenorth> AlexLivingstone is a lingua-bot yes / no ?
16:26:46 <AlexLivingstone> hm first one point galaxy org then my one tixel and then anything you can imagine (in px;)
16:27:51 <AlexLivingstone> ja special lingua-bot, does TLD .eo exist, which country takes it right now
16:27:52 <AlexLivingstone> ?
16:27:57 <AlexLivingstone> ;)
16:28:44 <AlexLivingstone> babyottd which is still drinking beer but dont get a joy centered
16:33:15 <AlexLivingstone> will oftc make it the next 33 years? vtt prainted
16:34:16 <AlexLivingstone> Eddi|zuHause: thx
16:36:21 <AlexLivingstone> oh tt dman aight
16:36:32 <AlexLivingstone> wann read the line with flashback to playback
16:36:40 <AlexLivingstone> bb
16:36:56 <andythenorth> who's got op?
16:38:51 <AlexLivingstone> always the same line: simon says look tv and smoke mariuhana or have sex with mario or anna
16:40:03 <AlexLivingstone> simon said: noise and time error organisation
16:46:26 <AlexLivingstone> ^^
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17:10:21 <TrueBrain> @whoami
17:10:22 <DorpsGek> TrueBrain: TrueBrain
17:10:32 <TrueBrain> ugh, wrong channel :P
17:10:52 <Eddi|zuHause> HA! we caught you!
17:19:04 <TrueBrain> proof it
17:21:04 <blathijs> s/proof/prove/
17:21:44 <TrueBrain> really?
17:22:47 <TrueBrain> I guess I remembered why I don't like hanging out here .. you get corrected over your english every step of the way :D
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17:30:11 <Wolf01> hello
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17:45:35 <CIA-2> OpenTTD: translators * r22754 /trunk/src/lang/ (malay.txt unfinished/persian.txt):
17:45:35 <CIA-2> OpenTTD: -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
17:45:35 <CIA-2> OpenTTD: malay - 118 changes by kazlan68
17:45:35 <CIA-2> OpenTTD: persian - 186 changes by Peymanpn
17:48:58 <Ammler> TrueBrain: set reverse dns ^ :-)
17:49:10 <TrueBrain> Ammler: call my ISP plz
17:49:21 <Ammler> wow, you can't do that there?
17:49:43 <TrueBrain> I am just randomly replying with random statements, much like yours :D
17:50:09 <Ammler> I meant this: [19:46] *** The topic was set by DorpsGek! on 15.08.2011 01.52.
17:50:22 <TrueBrain> and how the hell should I have known that?
17:50:53 <Ammler> oh, indeed I had that because I joined :-P
17:51:07 * TrueBrain slaps Ammler
17:51:25 <Ammler> hmm, no water
17:56:22 <SpComb> ovh, eh
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19:03:28 <andythenorth> it's oh so quiet
19:07:38 <Alberth> time to relax, read some news, answer some issues, and decide what to do next
19:13:47 <andythenorth> time to tweeter!
19:13:49 <andythenorth> in my case
19:18:16 <Pinkbeast> Write us more ships/industries/etc
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19:42:26 * andythenorth needs to draw rivers
19:42:30 <andythenorth> but first: chores
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19:48:00 <appe> evening, fellows.
19:48:16 <appe> i have a particular issue with version 1.1.2 (and 1.1.1, wich it originates in).
19:48:26 <appe> in desert mode, the food vagon invisible.
19:49:39 <Alberth> changed any newgrfs in the past in that game?
19:49:39 <appe>
19:49:46 <appe> no, never used any
19:50:07 *** DayDreamer has joined #openttd
19:50:13 <appe> i uninstalled 1.1.1 when i had the issue, and installed 1.1.2 fresh of the site (openttd-1.1.2-windows-win64)
19:50:23 <appe> and it's still there, even in new maps (and saves)
19:51:07 <Alberth> yeah, good applications are stable across re-installs
19:51:48 <appe> when i buy the vagon, it gets bought and obviosly "is there" (though invisible). when the train runs it doesnt load, or anything.
19:51:52 <appe> what do you suggest?
19:52:19 <Alberth> I am clueless what happens, at this moment
19:52:25 <appe> :)
19:52:27 <Alberth> do you have a save game?
19:52:30 <appe> yes
19:52:33 <appe> i can upload it
19:52:34 <appe> hold on.
19:52:55 *** pugi has joined #openttd
19:53:03 <Alberth> what year is the game?
19:53:57 <appe> Alberth:,%201%20feb%202012_appe.sav
19:54:03 <appe> Alberth: 2012.
19:54:19 <appe> and it's a monorail
19:55:29 <Alberth> ok, confirmed, I also have a gap at that place :)
19:55:44 <Alberth> without using your save game
19:55:52 <appe> ah, dash darnit
19:55:57 <appe> well, time for a rail change, i guess.
19:55:58 <appe> :)
19:56:32 <Alberth> you are using OpenGFX ?
19:56:41 <appe> i ..guess
19:56:48 <appe> i x:ed it during the isntall
19:56:50 <appe> install*
19:57:31 *** Brianetta has joined #openttd
19:59:13 <Alberth> it may be an issue of OpenGFX
19:59:47 <Alberth> I can load food at your Drunnton Food Processing plant
19:59:54 <Alberth> using invisible food wagons
20:00:08 <Alberth> so it looks like it is a pure graphics issue
20:00:18 <Alberth> planetmaker: ^^
20:03:29 <Alberth> appe:
20:04:25 <appe> :D
20:04:28 <appe> neat.
20:06:43 <Alberth> Latest stable does not mention that bug, which makes sense as its release date is a few days before that bug report. You may want to try a nightly instead:
20:08:37 <appe> ah, perfect
20:08:38 <appe> thanks :)
20:10:15 <planetmaker> Alberth: it is an issue in the currently released OpenGFX
20:10:21 <planetmaker> it's fixed in OpenGFX trunk
20:10:33 <planetmaker> ^ appe
20:10:37 *** robotx has quit IRC
20:10:48 <Alberth> planetmaker: ok, thanks
20:11:18 <planetmaker> maybe time for an early release :-)
20:11:31 <appe> how does one get a opengfx trunk?
20:11:31 <appe> :)
20:11:35 <planetmaker> FooBar was very busy with fixing and implementing stuff
20:11:45 <planetmaker> appe: follow the link you were given by alberth
20:11:58 <planetmaker> trunk = nightly
20:12:19 <Alberth> (close enough :) )
20:12:26 <planetmaker> today identical ;-)
20:13:10 *** Zuu has joined #openttd
20:13:23 <Alberth> 'trunk' means 'source' to me, but that is probably an occupational hazard :)
20:14:50 <Alberth> appe: there is a 'LATEST' directory in the link. download that version
20:16:12 <appe> ah, yes
20:16:14 <appe> it works
20:16:28 <Alberth> nice
20:17:34 *** Zuu_ has joined #openttd
20:22:26 *** Zuu_ has quit IRC
20:24:41 <appe> uhm, wait what
20:24:44 <appe> no it didnt
20:24:54 <appe> i did it wrong. awfully wrong
20:27:53 *** jpx_ has quit IRC
20:28:04 <Zuu> Missing data files?
20:28:06 *** Juo has quit IRC
20:28:21 <appe> i didnt actually do it at all
20:28:24 * appe reads readme
20:28:56 *** Juo has joined #openttd
20:29:29 *** Juo has quit IRC
20:30:41 <Alberth> Zuu: missing food wagon (, he is trying to install the layest opengfx nightly
20:31:09 <Zuu> Oh, I though he talked about OpenTTD. :-)
20:31:35 <Alberth> but this is fairly on-topic :p
20:31:43 <Zuu> yep
20:32:22 <appe> it worked!
20:32:30 <appe> hm, though
20:32:32 <appe> while im at it
20:32:44 <appe> newgrf are like graphics (sprites)?
20:32:57 <Zuu> Can be
20:32:59 <Pinkbeast> A bit more than that.
20:33:07 <Zuu> But can also be a lot more than that ^
20:33:23 <Pinkbeast> newgrfs are typically new vehicles or industries, but the term covers a multitude of sins
20:33:53 <Zuu> For example there exist town name NewGRFs that only provide new town name generators, but no new graphics.
20:34:03 <Alberth> appe: browse for a while :)
20:34:41 <Alberth> or look at the list newgrfs that you can download from bananas
20:35:10 <Zuu> Or see a list of all user contributed content here: (separated into categories such as NewGRFs, AIs etc.)
20:35:39 *** Alberth has left #openttd
20:36:24 *** robotx has joined #openttd
20:37:43 <Zuu> I keep wondering why there are so many people downloading an AI library, than the only AI that requests it.
20:37:55 <Zuu> many more*
20:38:31 <Zuu> 507 of the AI and 807 of the library ^^
20:38:53 <Pinkbeast> Library's updated more frequently? (Which AI and which library?)
20:39:00 <Zuu> 509 resp. 807*
20:39:13 <Zuu> Tutorial AI 5 and SuperLib 13.
20:39:29 <Zuu> The download counts are per specific version.
20:54:45 *** Sc00by22 has joined #openttd
21:06:39 <appe> pph
21:06:50 <appe> new industries :o
21:06:56 <appe> i want bigger chains..
21:07:07 *** Neon has quit IRC
21:07:45 <__ln__>
21:08:22 <Pinkbeast> Zuu> Perhaps downloading the library trying to work on an AI based on the tutorial one?
21:08:42 <Pinkbeast> appe> FIRS is quite jolly and not as beset with micromanagement as ECS
21:09:07 <Zuu> Perhaps, but why would the ratio be that large. Most users I would expect not to get into such things.
21:10:14 <Zuu> But perhaps I should be happy that my library attracts 300 users that don't need an AI to "use" it :-p
21:10:21 <appe> as what to the who now?
21:10:24 * appe tries it out
21:10:26 <andythenorth> appe: how many industries?
21:10:33 <appe> uhm, many?
21:10:34 <appe> :D
21:10:42 <appe> i just enjoy building neat chains
21:10:46 <andythenorth>
21:10:52 <appe> do i simply download the grf and load it?
21:10:58 <andythenorth> yes
21:11:08 <andythenorth> current release on the content download service is 0.6.4
21:11:13 <Pinkbeast> Don't load it in a running game or Comedy Will Ensue
21:11:18 <andythenorth> you'll need vehicle sets that support it
21:11:47 <appe> ah, ok.
21:11:49 <appe> crikey.
21:11:54 *** Juo has joined #openttd
21:11:58 <appe>
21:11:59 <appe> i took this
21:13:11 <Pinkbeast> OK, but DWE is purely chrome. Any station tile is like any other, no matter how it looks, provided it has track. You do need sensible vehicle sets.
21:15:21 <andythenorth> appe: quite a lot of vehicle sets work with FIRS
21:15:50 *** AlexGMacht has quit IRC
21:15:56 <Pinkbeast> Someone is too modest to mention HEQS, for starters. :-)
21:17:59 <andythenorth> NARS 2, UKRS 2, 2CC set, OpenGFX+ trains
21:18:04 <appe> :)
21:18:12 <appe> neat.
21:18:25 <Pinkbeast> Not UKRS1?
21:19:10 <Pinkbeast> eGRVTS seems to work with FIRS and starts very early with horse-drawn vehicles (pertinent if you're also using UKRS2 and FISH and starting early)
21:19:10 *** Sc00by22 has quit IRC
21:19:38 *** Sc00by22 has joined #openttd
21:19:39 <andythenorth> eGRVTS won't refit to alcohol sadly :(
21:20:25 * Hirundo ponders starting a FIRS game
21:20:40 <andythenorth> try the nightly
21:20:46 <andythenorth> you can find all the bugs :)
21:20:50 <Pinkbeast> I'd been wondering about that, although the UKRS2 livestock hole is more vexing
21:21:40 <andythenorth> ?
21:21:48 <Eddi|zuHause> Pinkbeast: that's a feature.
21:22:01 <Eddi|zuHause> although certainly an annoying one
21:22:04 *** Pulec has quit IRC
21:22:38 <opa_> horse vehicles?? how early can you start?
21:22:49 <opa_> when the game is still quite playable
21:22:50 *** Juo has quit IRC
21:22:56 <Pinkbeast> Eddi> Pikka thinks it's a feature; I disagree.
21:23:34 <andythenorth> make an add-on grf
21:23:45 * andythenorth agrees with pikka btw
21:23:47 <Pinkbeast> ... although obviously if I don't like it I can suck it up because it's not like I did the set etc
21:24:25 <andythenorth> opa_: depends what other sets you have
21:24:40 <andythenorth> before 1830 it's really quite boring
21:24:53 <Pinkbeast> opa> The eGRVTS horse vehicles are effectively around forever; the FISH sailing ships start in 17xx but are alas too slow to work with OTTD's payment structure a lot of the time.
21:24:56 <andythenorth> and the horses are broken with realistic road vehicle acceleration, but you can turn that off
21:25:07 <andythenorth> no sailing ships in FISH ;)
21:25:23 <andythenorth> there's an early ships grf or such
21:25:30 <Pinkbeast> Oh, sorry, yes, I was thinking of the early ships.
21:25:35 <CIA-2> OpenTTD: frosch * r22755 /trunk/src/viewport.cpp: -Fix [FS#4727]: When marking tile selections dirty, use the height information of the corners instead of the surface slope. This is more accurate when the foundation is kind of undefined.
21:26:18 <Pinkbeast> If I were doing it ( again, I would start in 1825 or so, with enough time to build some horse-drawn networks before the invention of the Planet.
21:26:50 <Pinkbeast> But it's a long way from the Planet in 1830 to the Coppernob and Crampton making railways anything but a novelty for pax only
21:27:01 *** frosch123 has quit IRC
21:27:17 <Pinkbeast> Also now daylength patches try and keep income per annum constant, I'd feel free to play with the daylength _shamelessly_
21:28:57 <andythenorth> good night
21:28:59 *** andythenorth has quit IRC
21:29:36 <planetmaker> just make sure you play w/o inflation if starting this very early
21:30:04 <Pinkbeast> That was next on my list of things, yes. :-)
21:30:36 * planetmaker doesn't play ever with inflation, though
21:31:21 <Pinkbeast> I do sometimes, it helps to address the way the game just gets easier as vehicles get larger and more powerful.
21:33:08 <planetmaker> how does it address that?
21:33:22 <Pinkbeast> Because they also get more expensive to run in real terms.
21:33:22 <planetmaker> you also get more money etc
21:33:36 <Pinkbeast> Inflation increases costs faster than payments, does it not?
21:34:19 <planetmaker> yes indeed. slightly
21:34:54 <planetmaker> interestingly this leads to the fact that the inflation settings for 'hard' is actually easier than for the 'easy' difficulty setting
21:35:12 <planetmaker> as the relative increase in costs is more in the easy difficutlty
21:35:13 <Pinkbeast> Also inflation has the odd characteristic that it makes loans slightly nicer
21:38:03 <Pinkbeast> I'd slightly rather a shim that adjusts cargo payment rates based on the speed/power/cost of available vehicles in some deeply magic way, although I realise that's a hard problem
21:45:02 *** DayDreamer has quit IRC
21:47:27 <Wolf01> 'night
21:47:30 *** Wolf01 has quit IRC
21:50:41 *** Sc00by22 has quit IRC
21:51:21 *** Sc00by22 has joined #openttd
22:03:27 *** Prof_Frink has joined #openttd
22:03:54 *** Sc00by22_ has joined #openttd
22:07:37 *** Sc00by22 has quit IRC
22:11:09 *** Sc00by22_ is now known as Sc00by22
22:12:00 *** sla_ro|master has quit IRC
22:13:24 *** Adambean has quit IRC
22:24:26 <appe> are there grf that makes town become bigger?
22:24:53 <Sc00by22> there's a few cmds to change the sizes
22:25:00 <appe> commands?
22:25:05 <appe> id like that.
22:25:31 <KittenKoder> Advanced Settings > Economy > Towns
22:26:25 <appe> ah, there we are, thank you :)
22:26:39 <KittenKoder> welcome
22:26:58 <Eddi|zuHause> TTRS towns tend to be bigger (afair, haven't used that in a long time, as the towns look also uglier)
22:28:09 <KittenKoder> If you want the boundaries to grow, use town GRFs like Swedish houses and UK houses, there are no huge buildings so the towns spread out more to.
22:29:00 *** Progman has quit IRC
22:29:39 *** aditsu has joined #openttd
22:29:59 <aditsu> hi, what's the maximum production for oil rigs?
22:32:15 <Eddi|zuHause> 30000-ish
22:32:29 <Eddi|zuHause> hm, no, more like 3000-ish
22:32:44 *** Cybertinus has quit IRC
22:34:03 <aditsu> Eddi|zuHause: huh? I have an oil rig with 1215000 liters production
22:34:21 <Eddi|zuHause> that's 1215, the 000 is only display ;)
22:34:57 <aditsu> oh, so it goes up to about 3000?
22:35:31 <Eddi|zuHause> there's a more exact number, but i don't remember it
22:35:45 <Eddi|zuHause> must be somewhere in the wiki or the forum
22:36:47 <aditsu> is it related to e.g. maximum coal mine production?
22:36:56 <aditsu> (that's 2295)
22:37:07 <Eddi|zuHause> i think all extractive industries have the same limit
22:37:44 <KittenKoder> Will changing the palette of a NewGRF break saved games?
22:37:46 <planetmaker> @calc 2295 * 9
22:37:46 <DorpsGek> planetmaker: 20655
22:37:50 <planetmaker> @calc 2295 * 8
22:37:50 <DorpsGek> planetmaker: 18360
22:38:15 <Eddi|zuHause> KittenKoder: it may, or may not...
22:38:26 <KittenKoder> LOL
22:38:33 <aditsu> @calc 255 * 9
22:38:33 <DorpsGek> aditsu: 2295
22:38:44 <KittenKoder> Not a definitive answer .... maybe I'll just make a new version instead.
22:39:15 <aditsu> @calc 0/0
22:39:15 <DorpsGek> aditsu: Error: float division
22:39:35 <planetmaker> KittenKoder: in 99% of the cases it will not matter
22:39:41 <planetmaker> but in principle it can go wrong
22:40:28 *** Zuu has quit IRC
22:40:47 <Eddi|zuHause> @calc 255*74*30/256
22:40:47 <DorpsGek> Eddi|zuHause: 2211.328125
22:40:53 <appe> hm
22:41:13 <appe> is there any particular reason forest industries doesnt form in desert maps?
22:41:23 <Eddi|zuHause> appe: yes
22:41:32 <KittenKoder> Forests don't grow in deserts.
22:41:45 <Eddi|zuHause> appe: the saw mills must be funded by the player
22:41:51 <appe> ah, ok
22:42:03 <appe> uhm
22:42:06 <appe> but, how?
22:42:08 <Eddi|zuHause> appe: near rainforest trees, so they can be chopped down
22:42:17 <appe> ah, crap.
22:42:25 <appe> hey wait, this is a winter map
22:42:42 <Eddi|zuHause> appe: in arctic map, it must be above snow line
22:43:03 <Eddi|zuHause> appe: so they might not form if you have very flat maps
22:43:08 <appe> ah
22:43:10 <appe> figures
22:51:11 *** Zuu has joined #openttd
22:51:25 *** pugi has quit IRC
22:54:07 *** aditsu has left #openttd
22:57:38 *** dfox has quit IRC
23:06:13 *** Eddi|zuHause2 has joined #openttd
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23:09:01 *** dfox has joined #openttd
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23:13:29 *** Devroush has quit IRC
23:13:34 *** Zuu has quit IRC
23:24:48 *** lessthanthree has joined #openttd
23:29:46 *** AD has quit IRC
23:33:13 <KittenKoder> Using animation colors in the GUI doesn't effect it, does it?
23:33:13 *** Eddi|zuHause2 is now known as Eddi|zuHause
23:33:13 <Eddi|zuHause> what do you mean?
23:33:23 <KittenKoder> I'm trying to be lazy and don't want to go through the whole seek and destroy for miscolored pixels is all.
23:33:43 <KittenKoder> But the icons won't be blinking and stuff if there's a stray animated color there, would it?
23:34:00 <Eddi|zuHause> of course it would
23:34:12 <Eddi|zuHause> palette animation is applied to the whole screen
23:34:32 <Eddi|zuHause> not any particular sprite
23:34:44 <KittenKoder> Frell.
23:34:50 <KittenKoder> Okies, can't be lazy there.
23:34:52 <KittenKoder> LOL
23:35:18 <Eddi|zuHause> this is all simple if you use the right conversion
23:36:00 <KittenKoder> Yeah.
23:43:03 <KittenKoder> GUI icons have always been a weak point to me.
23:43:05 *** AD has joined #openttd
23:43:36 *** AD is now known as Guest6152
23:50:29 *** tparker_ is now known as tparker
23:51:39 *** HerzogDeXtEr has quit IRC
23:54:00 <KittenKoder> Heh, I made my icons better .... that's shocking to me.
23:58:16 *** Biolunar_ has quit IRC
23:59:22 *** KritiK has quit IRC