IRC logs for #openttd on OFTC at 2009-11-03
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00:00:56 <Sacro> TrueBrain: any chance you can get the openttd site to set the font color please
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00:01:17 <Sacro> when you have a light font in linux you can't read the dropdowns on the download page
00:02:17 <TrueBrain> better?
00:03:34 <Sacro>
00:03:37 <Sacro> the dropdowns :(
00:03:41 <TrueBrain> reload
00:03:45 <TrueBrain> (hard reload, css change)
00:03:58 <Sacro> wasn't that ctrl+f5?
00:04:06 <TrueBrain> how should I know what browser you use?
00:04:22 <Eddi|zuHause> read the access logs? :p
00:04:24 <Sacro> heh
00:04:32 <Sacro> hmmmm
00:04:38 <Sacro> can't install 0.7.3 deb on karmic
00:04:39 <TrueBrain> all IPs are .. not helpful :p
00:04:44 <TrueBrain> focus! :p
00:04:53 <Sacro> seriously ubuntu
00:04:58 <Sacro> ><
00:05:46 <Eddi|zuHause> i suggested statically linking to libicu, but nobody was picking up on that
00:05:57 <Sacro> h,,
00:06:00 <Sacro> *hmm
00:06:02 <Sacro> TrueBrain: nope
00:06:18 <TrueBrain> so it doesn't listen to html color
00:06:20 <TrueBrain> stupid
00:06:26 <Sacro> yeah
00:06:30 <Sacro> i only have libicu40
00:06:34 <Sacro> bah
00:06:37 <Sacro> hating ubuntu ><
00:06:50 <Sacro> aside from the uber sexy font rendering
00:06:52 <Sacro> it sucks
00:06:55 <TrueBrain> Sacro: better?
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00:07:09 <Sacro> TrueBrain: perfect
00:07:22 <Nite_Owl> Hello all
00:07:23 <TrueBrain> select {
00:07:24 <TrueBrain> color: black;
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00:07:26 <TrueBrain> }
00:07:27 <TrueBrain> lovely :p
00:07:29 <Eddi|zuHause> Sacro: there are threads in the forum about ubuntu/libicu
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00:07:46 <Sacro> tbh i might remove linux and go for a hackintosh
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00:08:30 <Eddi|zuHause> you mean the os that is not supported by openttd?
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00:09:12 <TrueBrain> hmm .. I was so happy I managed to compile OpenDUNE for 10.4+ with ppc and i386, and 10.6 with x86_64 :)
00:09:33 <TrueBrain> static binary :) (stupid libSDL, required 10.6 for x86_64 :p)
00:09:49 <TrueBrain> k, off to bed, night all
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04:09:59 <Rhamphoryncus> aww, limit of 16 bus stops in 1 station :(
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07:55:05 <Rubidium> bah... why must canonical release an ubuntu vista edition?
07:56:14 <SirSquid1ess> ... a what?
07:56:56 <Rubidium> a version that breaks way more than it fixes
07:58:17 <SirSquid1ess> lol.
08:05:48 <dihedral> Rubidium, 9.10? ^^
08:09:33 <Rubidium> no, 10.5 ofcourse!
08:09:46 <Rubidium> bah... lag :(
08:19:56 * Rubidium ponders taking dial-up for its incerased speeds; it ought to beat Fetched 176kB in 3min 7s (937B/s)
08:22:35 <dihedral> depends on the location of those 176KB
08:23:51 <Rubidium> by car, when all traffic lights are green and there's no traffic, yet staying with speed limits: less than those 3min 7s
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08:33:52 <Rubidium> woei... speeds have gone up by a factor 1000+ again :)
08:34:12 <Rubidium> and pings down by a factor 100
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09:52:31 <CIA-4> OpenTTD: rubidium * r17961 /trunk/known-bugs.txt: -Document: also document the hanging of SDL on quiting if it 'talks' to PulseAudio via its virtual ALSA device
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11:13:35 <SmatZ> hehe :) (only german/slovak)
11:14:44 <Forked> hehe :( I feel excluded
11:16:03 <dihedral> the vid is great SmatZ
11:16:04 <dihedral> ^^
11:16:22 <SmatZ> oh this one is in english :)
11:16:25 <SmatZ> dihedral: :-)
11:19:19 <yorick> ooh, winston smith in one of the scans :D
11:22:08 <SmatZ> really? :)
11:23:57 <yorick> 2:05
11:25:01 <yorick> also notice the backward spelling of Orwell on the next name
11:25:17 <Rubidium> you didn't know that already?
11:25:39 * yorick gone
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11:38:41 <Fast2> SmatZ: The video is made by the "Piratenpatei".
11:46:55 <Rubidium> Fast2: thus? It's not true by definition and whatever the current government says is true by definition?
11:51:05 <Fast2> Rubidium: I don't think I said this. (As far as I comprehended/got your message)
11:54:53 <Rubidium> with the bashing of those pirate(partie)s lately saying something is made by them gives it a "it's bad/incorrect/a lie" hidden message
11:54:55 <SmatZ> Fast2: just another bonus point for them ;)
11:55:32 <SmatZ> Rubidium: bashing? not here... but maybe it would be better if they were "bashed", they are hardly ever in news here :-/
11:55:44 <SmatZ> (our piratenpartei)
11:55:58 <Rubidium> it's more in general; the whole pirate bay stuff
11:56:49 <Fast2> Rubidium: The opposite is true for me (because I like the Piraten)
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12:05:39 <Rubidium> Fast2: I don't like the legalised blackmailing in the media industry either
12:07:48 <Rubidium> (or in the banking or in the healthcare or ...)
12:08:25 <SmatZ> blackmailing in healthcare?
12:09:30 <SmatZ> prescripting intentionaly pills from one given company (who sponsored your "study" holidays?)
12:10:05 <Rubidium> "you won't get paid if you don't do this or that"
12:11:08 <Rubidium> be it prescribe the cheapest drugs even if they obviously don't work or saying that they don't insure you at all because you have a pre-existing condition, e.g. astma
12:11:37 <Forked> I read "laid" and not "paid" .. but I guess it's all the same
12:12:09 <Eddi|zuHause> haha :p
12:12:12 <SmatZ> :-)
12:13:04 <SmatZ> [13:11:08] <Rubidium> be it prescribe the cheapest drugs even if they obviously don't work or saying that they don't insure you at all because you have a pre-existing condition, e.g. astma <== that's why I don't support commercial health insurance
12:13:38 <SmatZ> similiar, paying higher car insurance because you are <30 years old
12:13:52 <SmatZ> but if you had to pay because you are black, it would be discrimination
12:14:03 <SmatZ> or woman :-p
12:14:32 <Rubidium> or old!
12:14:38 <SmatZ> hehe very true
12:14:58 <TrueBrain> or SmatZ! (what is the conversation about? :p)
12:15:02 <SmatZ> ;-)
12:15:20 <SmatZ> TrueBrain: disadvantages of commercial insurrance
12:15:27 <TrueBrain> ah ;)
12:18:17 <SmatZ> though then politics use arguments like "why should people pay higher insurrance when there are smokers who take more money from the system?"
12:18:27 <SmatZ> attacking on right-winded people's envy
12:18:45 <SmatZ> which is funny as envy is often thought as property of socialists :-p
12:19:25 <SmatZ> society (nation) should work as whole, support each other
12:20:32 <Rubidium> oh SmatZ... with those ideas your a communists in the US (though I agree)
12:20:32 <SmatZ> when there are too many smokers, it's a problem of society, and there are other ways to reduce smoking (ban of ads, higher taxes)
12:20:35 <fonsinchen> society and nation are different concepts - especially in this context. The difference is exactly that between a left-wing and a right-wing argument ...
12:21:19 <SmatZ> for extreme-right-wing it's a difference
12:22:12 <fonsinchen> nation doesn't include immigrants and defines inclusion by heritage.
12:22:27 <Noldo> why should people pay higher taxes because of the self inflicted health problems of the smokers?
12:22:28 <fonsinchen> society defines inclusion by place of living
12:23:26 <fonsinchen> I mean the term "nation" and the term "society"
12:24:23 <SmatZ> Noldo: because they live in the same country
12:24:34 <SmatZ> (to avoid use of society/nation)
12:25:11 <SmatZ> as a note, I am not smoker
12:26:14 <SmatZ> also, once you start to differentiate between smokers and non-smokers, there is just a little step to differentiating between people with "healthy" and "unhealthy" genes
12:26:50 <Noldo> one is an action a person chooses and one is not
12:26:52 <SmatZ> (also, when someone smokes 1 cigarette/week, is he a smoker? 1/year? 1/day?)
12:27:12 <SmatZ> Noldo: then you can say overweight people should pay more
12:27:27 <SmatZ> then you have to decide whether it's because of their genes or not
12:27:30 <SmatZ> and blah blah
12:27:53 <SmatZ> it's simplest not to differentiate between people
12:28:00 <SmatZ> also most equal for all
12:28:29 <Rubidium> Noldo: but is being young/old or having astma something you choose to be?
12:28:37 <SmatZ> apart from spokers consuming more money from the healthcare system, I don't think their life is any better (and they die younger anyway)
12:29:06 <SpComb^> 555555555555
12:29:22 <Noldo> Rubidium: I sense a trap, but no it isn't
12:29:29 <SmatZ> I am using this example of smokers because they are often thought as group of people who should pay higher health insurrance
12:29:43 <SmatZ> and I am explaining why I think it's bad attitude from the beginning
12:30:32 <Rubidium> Noldo: then why are people with astma or people with old-age diabetes not accepted for certain health insurances?
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12:31:22 <Noldo> because insurance is a business?
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12:32:07 <Rubidium> if you did something yourself that's extremely dangerous and get sick because of that it's, in my opinion, another story than when it's because of your body being stupid
12:32:13 <SmatZ> and that's what we are talking about - is it good it is a business?
12:32:31 <SmatZ> sorry, have to go :-x
12:32:34 <SmatZ> I will read logs :)
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12:33:12 <TrueBrain> bye SmatZ :)
12:34:30 <Chris_Booth> just to add to the fat people argument, lots of airline in the USA have started to charge fat people for 2 seats
12:34:41 <Chris_Booth> is that a good or a bad thing?
12:37:38 <Rubidium> Chris_Booth: if the fatness isn't caused by a valid medical condition I'd say it's fair, although... it might be better to just weigh them with clothes and luggage and calculate the price based on that
12:39:29 <Forked> it's not the airlines fault that some people weigh more than others.. should they take the extra cost? life is unfair, not just for the heavy people.
12:40:53 <Sacro> damn i misesd a good convo
12:41:01 <Sacro> i love discussing the US healthcare system
12:41:05 <Chris_Booth> well Forked the airlines dont charge small people less do they? well in a sence they do with kids but with if your a dwarf or a midget you still pay the same
12:41:06 <Sacro> < socialist
12:41:24 <Sacro> i hate the arbitrary weight limits on luggage
12:41:36 <Sacro> how come if it is 5kg over it gets penalised
12:41:38 <Noldo> Sacro: socialist by US standards?
12:41:45 <Sacro> wheras if i'm a fat bastard it's fine
12:42:00 * Sacro will next try eating his luggage
12:42:06 <Chris_Booth> well you know the sollution wear all your luggage
12:42:24 <Sacro> Yeah
12:42:27 <Sacro> it'd be cosy
12:43:23 <Chris_Booth> what i find most annoying is flight to skiing resorts airoprts they charge you more to take your skiis on the plane
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13:20:02 <Eddi|zuHause> Chris_Booth: did you ever bring skis to a non-skiing resort?
13:24:46 <Eddi|zuHause> Chris_Booth: increased demand allows for increased prices. primary rule of capitalism
13:25:36 <Rubidium> Eddi|zuHause: that's the secondary rule! Primary rule is: short term profit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13:26:08 <Eddi|zuHause> Rubidium: "primary rule" doesn't mean there's only one such rule
13:26:12 <glx> and don't care about long term problems ;)
13:26:14 <Eddi|zuHause> it could be a set of primary rules
13:27:33 <Rubidium> but then they would be equal
13:27:53 <Rubidium> and there would be a monopoly
13:51:42 <Belugas> ello
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16:08:32 <CIA-4> OpenTTD: rubidium * r17962 /trunk/ (known-bugs.txt readme.txt): -Fix: some spelling
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16:59:45 <oskari89> Can automatic train turning when waiting a green light on signal be turned off?
16:59:51 <oskari89> It's very annoying.
16:59:59 <oskari89> On OpenTTD.
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17:02:36 <yorick> oskari89: if you're using path signals, use normal ones
17:02:39 <yorick> they turn faster
17:02:55 <yorick> which makes it surprisingly less annoying
17:03:00 <yorick> because they turn back too
17:04:23 <oskari89> I'm using path singals always.
17:04:55 <yorick> there's your disadvantage
17:05:10 <yorick> they don't automatically turn back instantly with path signals
17:05:32 <yorick> just don't use path signals when normal signals would do exactly the same
17:05:37 <yorick> ;)
17:06:25 <oskari89> It cannot be configured?
17:06:34 <oskari89> No turning at all?
17:07:03 <yorick> it probably can
17:08:20 <Rhamphoryncus> I missed half this conversation..
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17:09:49 <yorick> 17:59 < oskari89> Can automatic train turning when waiting a green light on
17:09:50 <yorick> signal be turned off?
17:10:35 <Rhamphoryncus> Ah, there's a variable for that
17:11:04 <Rhamphoryncus> I actually wish it was faster too. What happens more often is they turn because some track gets destroyed. Then I have to manually turn them back
17:11:46 <yorick> they turn back automatically with normal signals
17:12:18 <Rhamphoryncus> they'd eventually turn back with path signals.. just takes very long
17:12:28 <Rhamphoryncus> And this is with one-way path signals
17:16:35 <oskari89> Is the variable on config?
17:18:04 <Rhamphoryncus> it's an internal one, you can set it from the config file or from the console
17:18:27 <thingwath> (the first one in the table)
17:18:49 <Rhamphoryncus> beware, it's for turning around at *any* "waiting for a path", so you'll probably get lots of unintended reversals
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17:30:21 <CIA-4> OpenTTD: rubidium * r17963 /trunk/src/ (7 files in 4 dirs): -Codechange: some documentation style
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17:36:50 <Rhamphoryncus> huh, all the attachment links give me 404. Any idea why?
17:36:55 *** Lakie has joined #openttd
17:37:12 <yorick> because attachement.php gives you 404?
17:37:39 <Rhamphoryncus> thanks :P
17:38:15 <yorick> or getfile or whatever this script is called
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17:41:52 <Rubidium> use instead of that ancient URL
17:42:43 <Eddi|zuHause> Nov 3 18:41:16 johannes-i kernel: MCE: The hardware reports a non fatal, correctable incident occurred on CPU 0.
17:42:45 <Eddi|zuHause> Nov 3 18:41:16 johannes-i kernel: Bank 1: 9400400000000152
17:43:03 <Eddi|zuHause> what do i do with such remarks?
17:43:52 <Rubidium> is the hardware still within warranty?
17:44:48 <Rubidium> if so, definitely let them make a notification about this that if your proc breaks on end-of-warranty+1 you can claim you've reported it before the warranty ended and they deemed it unneeded to replace
17:44:57 <_ln> "dear vendor, my computer has a 9400400000000152, can i get a new one through warranty?"
17:47:28 <Eddi|zuHause> no, my computer is definitely out ouf warranty for years
17:48:47 <Rubidium> then implement/review your backup strategy of that machine
17:48:55 <Rhamphoryncus> okay, figured it out. If I click on start watching it gives me an ancient version of the page, with broken links
17:49:30 <Eddi|zuHause> my backup strategy is "i need a new one" for years...
17:49:45 <Eddi|zuHause> maybe around christmas-ish
17:50:11 <Rhamphoryncus> Rubidium: so where do I report bug tracker bugs to?
17:51:05 <Rubidium> TrueBrain :)... uhm, no the website 'section' of the tracker; see the dropdown in the 'toolbars'
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17:58:35 <Rhamphoryncus> thanks, done
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18:05:40 <TrueBrain> Rubidium: what?
18:06:15 <TrueBrain> Rubidium: remember that you worked on the links for files, not me ;)
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18:07:20 <Rubidium> remember that you worked on flyspray behind proxy?
18:07:28 <yorick> t is like r, but one to the right
18:07:42 <TrueBrain> in this case I think it has to do with your changes :)
18:07:43 <Rubidium> my links for files just added a piece of bogus ignored data to the links
18:08:02 <TrueBrain> somehow the links are relative instead of absolute :p
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18:09:25 <Rubidium> the 'task' part is missing for some stupid reason
18:09:42 <TrueBrain> in the first case the link already contains the 'task' part .. in the second it doesn't
18:16:33 <Rubidium> might be fixed now
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18:43:41 <Terkhen> hello
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18:45:02 <Luukland> Loads of clients tonight :S
18:45:23 <CIA-4> OpenTTD: translators * r17964 /trunk/src/lang/ (estonian.txt greek.txt):
18:45:23 <CIA-4> OpenTTD: -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
18:45:23 <CIA-4> OpenTTD: estonian - 27 changes by KSiimson
18:45:23 <CIA-4> OpenTTD: greek - 1 changes by fumantsu
18:49:51 *** andythenorth has joined #openttd
18:50:22 <Luukland> 180 clients, 45 on mine servers :S
18:50:26 <Luukland> 25% :p
18:50:31 <Luukland> Still no 100% xD
18:52:16 <Rubidium> yet they're all using mine!
18:52:20 <andythenorth> hai hai
18:52:29 * Rubidium runs
18:53:00 <Luukland> not a mine >_<
18:53:01 <Luukland> Argh
18:53:08 * Luukland dives down
18:53:50 <Luukland> Seems like some other server stole our servers settings
18:53:58 <Luukland> with solid starting times >_<
18:59:10 <TrueBrain> Rubidium: see see! Now it is at the correct time :) /me is happy :)
19:00:23 <frosch123> TrueBrain: let's see what happens in 5 months
19:00:49 <TrueBrain> that is in the future; I don't care about the future right now :p
19:10:08 <Rhamphoryncus> anybody got a favourite timetable separation patch that applies cleanly to trunk or cargodist?
19:18:34 *** Grumble has quit IRC
19:18:35 *** |Jeroen| has quit IRC
19:22:07 *** erhett has joined #openttd
19:28:43 *** andythenorth has quit IRC
19:30:12 *** TrainzStoffe has joined #openttd
19:30:12 *** Luukland has left #openttd
19:36:18 *** Stoffe has quit IRC
19:36:18 *** TrainzStoffe is now known as Stoffe
19:40:14 *** LordAzamath has joined #openttd
19:41:21 *** mark has quit IRC
19:43:38 *** SpComb has joined #openttd
19:46:01 *** Grelouk has quit IRC
19:47:45 *** kingpin has joined #openttd
19:55:58 *** erhett has left #openttd
19:56:42 *** Grelouk has joined #openttd
19:57:27 *** fonsinchen has quit IRC
19:59:45 *** Fenris has joined #openttd
20:00:07 *** andythenorth has joined #openttd
20:04:20 <CIA-4> OpenTTD: alberth * r17965 /trunk/src/misc_gui.cpp: -Codechange: query string window uses pure nested widgets.
20:09:09 *** zachanima has joined #openttd
20:09:24 *** Phoenix_the_II has joined #openttd
20:09:36 *** HerzogDeXtEr1 has joined #openttd
20:12:09 *** zachanima has quit IRC
20:12:16 *** zachanima has joined #openttd
20:12:20 *** zachanima has left #openttd
20:12:26 <andythenorth> evening
20:12:34 *** HerzogDeXtEr has quit IRC
20:13:15 *** violetblood has quit IRC
20:13:45 <frosch123> it does not rain today, right?
20:13:52 <kingpin> evening ;)
20:14:05 <kingpin> no, not raining anymore
20:14:09 <Rubidium> it does rain today!
20:15:12 <andythenorth> frosch123: bloody does rain today. don't ask. I ride a bike to work.
20:15:29 <andythenorth> I am just reading about new airports (try 2) which looks nice
20:15:59 <andythenorth> @seen yexo
20:15:59 <DorpsGek> andythenorth: yexo was last seen in #openttd 1 week, 0 days, 8 hours, 59 minutes, and 39 seconds ago: <Yexo> it's either a percentage of the maximum reliability or a fixed number of days
20:16:14 *** kingpin is now known as ikarus2k
20:16:18 <frosch123> yup, but still lots to do :)
20:16:51 <andythenorth> just reading the spec...trying to figure out if airports can be built entirely on water...or if they must transcend the coastline
20:17:10 <frosch123> of course they can be built entirely on water
20:17:44 <andythenorth> thought so
20:17:53 <frosch123> though maybe you cannot distinguish sea, canal and river. not sure though
20:19:04 *** guru3 has quit IRC
20:19:06 <andythenorth> anyone thought about newgrf docks? would there be any point to them?
20:19:10 *** guru3 has joined #openttd
20:19:30 <frosch123> for sure not this year
20:19:47 <andythenorth> :D
20:19:54 <andythenorth> would they actually be fun / useful though?
20:20:03 <Rubidium> andythenorth: yes, yes, in try 1 it would be an extension-ish of airports which would then be extended for road stations and finally possibly even for train stations (routing trains over your own layout)
20:20:23 <andythenorth> so docks and road stations would move to a state machine?
20:20:41 <frosch123> but that will cause lots of trouble for pathfinders, similiar to the current pbs-multiple-waypoint-for-station-issue
20:21:27 <frosch123> andythenorth: docks more likely than roadstops, and both far more likely than trainstations
20:22:04 <andythenorth> that's fine by me. I'm not much in favour of state machine for roadstops or docks
20:22:04 <CIA-4> OpenTTD: alberth * r17966 /trunk/src/misc_gui.cpp: -Fix (r17965): The Default button should be disabled in some cases rather than the Ok button.
20:22:20 <Rubidium> andythenorth: thinking about something doesn't imply it gets implemented
20:22:29 <andythenorth> :P
20:22:38 <Rubidium> people are thinking about making OpenTTD fully 3D, not likely it happens
20:22:38 <andythenorth> If only thinking = code, my projects would be much more done
20:23:03 <Rubidium> people are/were thinking about writing OpenTTD in C#/Java, yet I haven't seen such an implementation
20:23:33 * Alberth thinks about writing a direct brain -> computer interface
20:23:45 <andythenorth> Alberth: I thought the same, so it's done already
20:24:01 <Alberth> bummer
20:25:33 <CIA-4> OpenTTD: alberth * r17967 /trunk/src/misc_gui.cpp: -Codechange: Specify that the buttons of the query string window should be equal in size.
20:30:28 *** Phoenix_the_II has quit IRC
20:33:43 <SmatZ> Noldo: airlines aren't healthcare
20:34:06 <SmatZ> healthcare should be available for all people to supply "base life quality" or so
20:35:33 *** Phoenix_the_II has joined #openttd
20:42:00 <MyCatVerbs> Rubidium: Urgh, why would they want that? That would be mindblowingly slow.
20:43:20 <MyCatVerbs> Not that I'm saying C# and Java are both ridiculously slow or anything, but OpenTTD is written to benefit from the set of optimisations that GCC can be gotten to perform easily.
20:44:17 <Alberth> C and C++ are out, C# and Java are in, perhaps?
20:44:25 <MyCatVerbs> Rather than the optimisations that a VM will perform for you, even.
20:45:49 <Belugas> shit
20:45:50 <Belugas> shit
20:46:13 <frosch123> MyCatVerbs: i would guess 60% of all programmers know only one language, and think it is the best to rule them all
20:46:23 * Alberth offers a 'yeah' to Belugas
20:46:44 <MyCatVerbs> frosch123: Really? That sounds depressing.
20:47:01 <Belugas> anyone knows of an api in windows to call, in order to verify if an OLE object is registered WITHOUT having to deal with registries?
20:47:35 * frosch123 never dealt with ole stuff
20:47:45 <MyCatVerbs> frosch123: I have no particular foundation for this belief, but I suspect that the majority of programmers actually know at least one and a half. Namely, whatever they write serverside (annoyingly often, PHP), plus half-knowing javascript.
20:48:02 * Alberth never programmed a Win* machine
20:48:27 <MyCatVerbs> On account of webapps happening to be cheaper to make than native GUI apps, and in a way more stable.
20:48:33 <ikarus2k> frosch123: dunno, I know actionscript (yey!) and a bit of a couple others (php, JS). they all suck
20:48:45 <Xaroth> <@Rubidium> people are/were thinking about writing OpenTTD in C#/Java, yet I haven't seen such an implementation << saw it too, the C# code wasn't optimized enough to run anything semi-decent
20:48:56 *** lkt has joined #openttd
20:48:57 <frosch123> ok, i thought more of applications than webpages
20:49:25 <Xaroth> for performance stuff, the lower level you go, the better it gets.
20:49:54 <Alberth> after getting the algorithms right :)
20:50:01 <glx> screen repaint is nasty with C# (it's weirder on vista)
20:50:02 <MyCatVerbs> ikarus2k: oh, you just started a holy war. :)
20:50:18 <frosch123> however, the whole windows world does not know awk, sed, yacc and co; so they write every simple text processing/code generation in c/c++/java/c# ...
20:50:23 <ikarus2k> MyCatVerbs: lol, that was inevitable ;)
20:50:32 <MyCatVerbs> ikarus2k: namely, I really really really honestly do think that you're incorrect about javascript sucking. :)
20:50:45 <Xaroth> C#, like java, as easy as they are, don't have the performance that you need for a game like ttd
20:51:06 <Sacro> C# does
20:51:09 <MyCatVerbs> ikarus2k: 1. get Firebug, 2. learn that you now have a Javascript REPL, 3. learn how much fun a REPL is to use, 4. rejoice!
20:51:51 <MyCatVerbs> Xaroth: Oh, you'd be surprised. You have to mess with the structure of your program a little, though.
20:51:56 <Xaroth> a little?
20:52:06 <ikarus2k> MyCatVerbs: :P. I hate having to code in 3-4 different languages, just cuz people are scared of flash
20:53:08 <MyCatVerbs> Xaroth: Yes. "A little" in the same sense that programmers use the term "not trivial". :)
20:53:26 <MyCatVerbs> ikarus2k: I like switching languages, keeps me on my toes. ;)
20:53:31 *** KritiK has joined #openttd
20:53:35 <Xaroth> a little as in, it takes a whole different approach at designing yer app :P
20:53:40 *** LordAzamath has quit IRC
20:53:42 <MyCatVerbs> But actionscript isn't different enough from Flash for it to be a huge pain in the arse, is it?
20:53:42 <ikarus2k> lol
20:54:07 <ikarus2k> MyCatVerbs: ? flash uses actionscript
20:54:21 <MyCatVerbs> Brainfart. s/Flash/javascript/
20:54:40 <ikarus2k> MyCatVerbs: though coding is nicer in Flex
20:54:46 <MyCatVerbs> Actionscript is based on some particular version of the ECMAscript standard, which is based off javascript.
20:54:59 *** lkt has quit IRC
20:55:04 <ikarus2k> MyCatVerbs: neh, they're both based on ecma
20:55:48 <ikarus2k> guys, can you have a look at some suggestions of mine for OpenTTD
20:55:55 *** PeterT has joined #openttd
20:55:56 <ikarus2k> I don't want to post duplicates
20:56:00 <MyCatVerbs> ikarus2k: Ah, no. Javascript predates ECMAscript by quite some time. :)
20:56:04 <ikarus2k> and would like your input too:
20:56:08 *** PeterT has quit IRC
20:56:08 <ikarus2k>
20:56:55 <MyCatVerbs> ikarus2k: your gameplay idea #3 amuses me.
20:57:13 <ikarus2k> :P
20:57:23 <MyCatVerbs> Because of the bug where, if you buy shares in another company...
20:57:28 <MyCatVerbs> And they buy shares in you...
20:57:46 <MyCatVerbs> The share prices of both companies tank, and everybody loses all their money :D
20:57:50 <Alberth> "advanced configuration in tab, not tree view for Interface, Construction ... " ha ha!, they were that way before I changed to tree view :p
20:57:51 <ikarus2k> lol, forgot about that
20:58:38 <Xaroth> Alberth: I actually prefered tabs though, but I learnt to live with treeview :)
20:58:41 <ikarus2k> Alberth: tree view can get quite cluttered :(
20:59:54 <Alberth> problem was that tabs are not easily expanded with new options, and with sub-tabs.
21:00:07 <Xaroth> yep
21:00:18 <Alberth> I still cannot find the option when I need one though :(
21:01:06 <Alberth> "station window should display "Supplies: ..." below "Accepts: ..." " it does this, doesn't it?
21:01:32 <ikarus2k> "I still cannot find the option when I need one though :(" lol
21:01:53 <ikarus2k> Alberth: no, they are not there for me, only "Accepts; .. "
21:02:08 <ikarus2k> did I miss a setting/option?
21:02:51 <Alberth> oh, not the station picker window, but the goods-at-station window. oh, that may be the case yes
21:04:00 <frosch123> Alberth: it needs a filter box to auto-expand/collapse/hide :)
21:04:09 <ikarus2k> station picker? I mean the window that opens when you click the station
21:04:41 <Alberth> under ratings, the list is there, it seems
21:05:39 <ikarus2k> yep, but it'd be useful to simply be next to "Accepts: ..."
21:07:10 <Alberth> the suggestion is valid thus.
21:08:39 <Alberth> good night
21:08:50 *** valhallasw has joined #openttd
21:09:36 * Rhamphoryncus plots his own timetable autoseparator, because obviously we don't have enough variants yet
21:09:56 <ikarus2k> bye
21:12:01 <Rhamphoryncus> And not just because I haven't gotten any others to apply & build cleanly yet..
21:15:05 <Alberth> use an old enough version of trunk :p
21:15:25 *** Alberth has left #openttd
21:16:36 <Eddi|zuHause> what's wrong with the one i updated?
21:18:11 <Rhamphoryncus> Eddi|zuHause: I haven't found it yet
21:18:40 <Eddi|zuHause> Rhamphoryncus: it's on the first page, called "improved timetable management"
21:19:01 <Eddi|zuHause> and in the end of that thread
21:20:01 <Rhamphoryncus> The patches at the start make it sound like it's specific to cargodest, based on their naming
21:20:34 <Rhamphoryncus> I do already have the thread open; currently on page 4
21:21:12 <Eddi|zuHause> yes, it was originally based on cargodest, but it does not depend on it in any kind
21:22:16 <Rhamphoryncus> So am I supposed to use the first or third attachment?
21:23:12 <Eddi|zuHause> neither, you should go to the end of the thread, and take the attachment there
21:23:21 <Rhamphoryncus> nm, found the right one
21:27:22 <Rhamphoryncus> still got a few rejects. Not as bad though
21:30:04 *** Rubix`` has joined #openttd
21:31:57 *** Fast2_ has joined #openttd
21:35:57 *** yorick has quit IRC
21:38:33 *** valhallasw has quit IRC
21:40:11 *** valhallasw has joined #openttd
21:44:00 *** Fenris has quit IRC
21:45:22 *** Zahl has joined #openttd
21:48:49 <Belugas> mmh...
21:48:51 <Belugas> found it
21:48:58 <Belugas> stupidly simple
21:49:04 <Belugas> well... at least in Delphi
21:49:14 *** csuke has joined #openttd
21:52:12 <Belugas> Result := ClassIDToProgID(<PLACE_YOUR_CLSID_HERE>) <> '';
21:52:16 <Belugas> that's it
21:52:35 <Belugas> if the call fails, your system does not have the said CLSID
21:52:41 <Belugas> youhou!
21:52:52 <Rubidium> Result := RunningAway()
21:59:06 <Belugas> almost :D
21:59:25 <Belugas> you don't need the '()' for a function that has no params in DElphi ;)
21:59:41 <Belugas> such a beautiful language
22:00:02 <ikarus2k> isn't it just good practice to include the brackets?
22:00:30 <Belugas> in Delphi? no, it's a compile failure
22:00:44 <ikarus2k> lol
22:00:55 <Belugas> mmh...
22:01:03 <Belugas> depending on the setting of the compiler...
22:01:21 <Belugas> it does work on mine, but it's a bit of a tweaked one...
22:01:41 *** Polygon has quit IRC
22:01:42 <Belugas> so... i change my assertion
22:01:51 <Belugas> no, it's not a compile failure.
22:02:10 <Belugas> and personnally, i don't think it's a good practice.
22:02:23 <Belugas> if there is nothing to specify, do not specify anything
22:02:31 <Belugas> it's less confusing that way
22:02:48 <Belugas> now about the difference between a function with no argument and a variable...
22:02:55 <Belugas> name your stuff accordingly
22:03:44 <ikarus2k> hmmm ... I like keeping them just to single out functions easier
22:03:54 <Belugas> _bUseSIMDll := False;
22:03:54 <Belugas> _bSIMDLLSystemAvailable := VerifySIMDLLSystemAvailability;
22:03:56 <Belugas> sample
22:04:06 <ikarus2k> (don't know a grain of Delphi for that matter)
22:04:13 <Belugas> ikarus2k, it's a personal choice
22:04:18 <Belugas> nothing more , nothing less
22:04:57 *** oskari89 has quit IRC
22:05:20 <ikarus2k> was just making smalltalk :P
22:07:12 <Belugas> when it's a choice shared by colleagues, it's a standard
22:07:14 <Belugas> ho..
22:07:16 <Belugas> you were
22:07:19 <Belugas> well...
22:07:22 *** Zuu has joined #openttd
22:07:24 <Belugas> looks like me not
22:08:01 <ikarus2k> lol
22:08:33 <Zuu> Has anyone seen a parking lot like this: before? It is obviously in the states or Canada. Not so much trucks though. ;-)
22:08:48 <Belugas> and NOW it's a time for leaving (not related to Zuu)...
22:08:59 <Zuu> Night Belugas
22:10:00 <Rhamphoryncus> Zuu: Doesn't look familiar. It does look more artistic than practical though
22:10:04 * Belugas thinks about a canadian parking. dunno
22:10:07 * Belugas is gone
22:10:13 <frosch123> night belugas
22:10:18 <frosch123> night everyone
22:10:23 *** frosch123 has quit IRC
22:10:28 <ikarus2k> g'night guys
22:10:42 <Zuu> Looks more like something at some tourist place than something you see very often.
22:10:57 <Zuu> Especially with the statue in the middle.
22:10:58 <Rhamphoryncus> right
22:11:30 <ikarus2k> yeah, not that weird though
22:11:45 <Zuu> If one only knew where on google maps/earth to start to look :-D
22:11:53 <ikarus2k> lol
22:11:58 *** Rubix`` has quit IRC
22:12:52 <Rhamphoryncus> Given the width, you could probably square out the corners, then add a partial double row down the middle, and get probably a 50% increase in capacity
22:13:13 <Rhamphoryncus> You'd lose the statue though
22:14:33 <Zuu> Yea, it is not very effective on land use, but then tell me how are americans effective on land use? :-) (no offence)
22:14:35 <ikarus2k> :))
22:14:37 <Rubidium> Zuu: English speaking countries
22:15:24 <ikarus2k> actually, I quite like how wastefull the americans are with their roads
22:15:34 <ikarus2k> 8-10 lane highways
22:16:03 <ikarus2k> not even mother russia had those
22:16:20 <ikarus2k> and it was almost a law to make things huge
22:16:23 <Zuu> I'm still amazed that I can only see 2 trucks on the picture. That is not really North American with so few trucks. ;-)
22:17:08 <ikarus2k> well, i see a merc and an audi
22:17:39 <ikarus2k> it's most def USA, might just be a better neighbourhood ;)
22:17:46 <Rubidium> Zuu: 2 Telegraph Hill Blvd, San Francisco
22:18:40 <Zuu> Thanks Rubidium, you're good. Or you know someone who know someone who know.. :-)
22:18:41 <Rubidium> hmm... I've been there (on a bike)
22:18:54 <Zuu> Or you just have been there..
22:19:56 <Rubidium> the parking was dark and empty when I was there though
22:21:44 <Zuu> Hmm, why is all/most google earth images on the suroundings and not on the traffic solution... :-s Why don't they realize that traffic solutions are interesting :-)
22:22:13 <Zuu> But it seams like you get a good view from there.
22:22:52 <Eddi|zuHause> i find it more annoying that google maps can't show you tram or bus lines when plotting a route
22:23:15 <Rhamphoryncus> Eddi|zuHause: seconded
22:23:16 *** Nite_Owl has joined #openttd
22:23:36 <Nite_Owl> Hello all
22:23:45 <ikarus2k> Rubidium: do you know anything about the California High speed rail line?
22:23:46 <Zuu> Yea, that is also annoying. Good thing. Gothenburg (our scenod largest city) got a route planer for walk and bike traffic.
22:24:06 <Zuu> But that only helps if you live there...
22:24:19 <Zuu> Which most people do not do.
22:26:10 <Rubidium> ikarus2k: besides that it won't be happening?
22:26:20 <ikarus2k> what?
22:26:28 <ikarus2k> is it officially dead?
22:27:41 <Rubidium> oh... they apparantly voted for it... crazy money spending Californians
22:27:56 <Eddi|zuHause> that was before they ran out of money?
22:28:17 <Rubidium> Eddi|zuHause: yes
22:28:28 <ikarus2k> lol
22:28:50 <Rubidium> but *any* bill that increases taxes gets automatically rejected, so... I really doubt that they can keep paying for it
22:28:51 <ikarus2k> I hope Obama will jump in and save things
22:29:31 <MyCatVerbs> Rubidium: nah, all he has to do is cut the entire Navy, budget solved. :)
22:29:34 <Rubidium> putting federal money in a bottomless pit doesn't save them, it just keeps them longer afloat
22:29:44 <MyCatVerbs> Or, more likely, just print bills.
22:29:46 <ikarus2k> :(
22:30:13 <Rubidium> MyCatVerbs: a) California doesn't have a navy, b) California, or the US for that matter, controls the printing of money
22:30:19 <ikarus2k> I really had hoped for high speed rail in america
22:30:52 <MyCatVerbs> Rubidium: oh sorry, ikarus2k mentioned Obama, I jumped in without checking the upscroll. I thought you were talking about something at the Federal level.
22:33:03 <Rubidium> ikarus2k: cheap petrol + cheap cars + cheap aircraft => trains aren't profitable
22:33:45 <ikarus2k> :(
22:33:59 <Rubidium> and the distance is just huge
22:34:25 <ikarus2k> that should make it more profitable
22:34:28 <MyCatVerbs> Petrol won't stay cheap. For freight, the long distances will amplify the benefits many times over.
22:34:49 <MyCatVerbs> s/will/would/
22:35:15 <ikarus2k> how about the acela express?
22:35:25 <ikarus2k> that seems to be holding on well
22:35:48 <ikarus2k> wikipedia says it's even had an increase in passengers lately
22:35:56 <MyCatVerbs> And frankly, we all know that there exists nothing else in the domain of our lord Sawyer as profitable as a half-kiloton monorail train blasting its way across flat plains with an enormous load of coal. :)
22:36:12 <ikarus2k> ^^^ =))
22:36:13 <Zuu> The hopes are not that high. I was in Vancouver, which is on the other side of the border up north. This summer they finished a new sky train line (like metro but most of their is above ground), but they havn't built any longer stations than their currently very short stations on their other lines. The trains are just three cars long and the platforms does not have room for more cars. It is driverless so they can probably hav
22:36:13 <Zuu> e a quite short margin between the trains but still their trains are very short. So it has been a nice thing for the existing commuters, but they will not be able to take any major market shares with it from the car driving population.
22:36:15 <Rubidium> ikarus2k: much shorter distance, at least Washington-NY. Though taxi+aircraft is about as fast as acela, some 15 minutes faster with the train or so)
22:36:56 <Rubidium> even then, ever seen what Los Angeles actually is?
22:37:06 *** fonsinchen has joined #openttd
22:37:51 <ikarus2k> from g. earth, reminds me a bit of a borg cube
22:37:53 <ikarus2k> ;)
22:38:03 <Rhamphoryncus> hrm. Make is failing with "Error 2", but there's no error message. (This is after I tried to update Eddi's patch)
22:38:13 <Zuu> MyCatVerbs: Actually if I am not mistaken the average speed on freight is higher in the states than in Europe. But I'm not 100 sure.
22:38:19 <Zuu> (on rail that is)
22:38:27 <Rubidium> a large number of smaller towns with, AFAIK, not really a public transportation network to speak of
22:39:04 <ikarus2k> oh man, that's such an oppurtunity
22:39:07 <Rubidium> Zuu: wouldn't be strange; those huge trains going non-stop from east-to-west because there's (almost) no passenger transportation
22:39:38 <ikarus2k> there was this tale of 2 shoemakers going to india
22:39:55 <Rhamphoryncus> Is there some way to tell where make is failing, or trace the commands it's executing?
22:39:57 <ikarus2k> the frist reported back home "what the hell am i gonna do here, nobody is wearing shoes"
22:39:57 <Zuu> And not 4 different electricity systems and problems with train driver license only being valid in each member state is it is in Europe/EU.
22:40:19 <ikarus2k> the other was exhalted "this is great, so many people to sell shoes too"
22:40:36 <Rhamphoryncus> ah, make -d
22:40:47 <ikarus2k> Zuu: and nevertheless, we have intl high speed rail :)
22:41:17 <Zuu> I was more refering to goods trains in the EU.
22:41:19 <Zuu> But sure
22:41:34 <Zuu> Though, up north we are still waiting for it.
22:42:20 <ikarus2k> I'm reallly curious what bombardier will come up with these years
22:42:38 <ikarus2k> they've been buying EU train builders like crazy
22:43:00 <ikarus2k> they should be done combining the different technologies by now
22:43:09 <ikarus2k> (i hope)
22:43:54 <ikarus2k> then again, wait 1-2 years and China will present the fruits of its recent purchases ;)
22:44:24 <Rubidium> a bankrupt US?
22:44:28 <Rubidium> a worthless dollar?
22:44:47 <ikarus2k> they wont let that happen
22:44:56 <ikarus2k> they need the market
22:45:45 <ikarus2k> (i was talking about the high speed trains they bought, from about every major manufacturer, 60pieces each)
22:47:56 <Rubidium> why would they want high speed trains when they have working maglev?
22:47:58 <Zuu> Oh, Bombadier put VHS to a new meaning - Very High Speed :-)
22:48:31 <ikarus2k> Rubidium: cuz thats too expensive, eve for them
22:48:47 <ikarus2k> they've been struggling to build an extension line
22:48:58 <Rubidium> tss... it can't be that expensive
22:49:11 <ikarus2k> maybe they just couldnt reverse engineer it ;)
22:49:27 <Rubidium> those 1000 billion the US 'loaned' from them... should've been enough for some extension
22:49:36 *** asilv has quit IRC
22:50:17 <ikarus2k> they need that to get Taiwan back ;)
22:50:21 <ikarus2k> "back"
22:51:01 <Rhamphoryncus> ahhh, there we go. By the time I got the failed hunks figured out I forgot that the new files were in a separate tarball
22:51:45 <ikarus2k> Rhamphoryncus: that must suck
22:52:09 <Rhamphoryncus> ikarus2k: wouldn't have been a problem if make gave sane error messages
22:52:51 <ikarus2k> Rubidium: here you go:
22:53:09 <ikarus2k> seems public opinion was at fault
22:53:18 <Rhamphoryncus> Rubidium: maglev can't be incrementally changed over
22:54:14 <Rhamphoryncus> So it's only relevant to new, isolated lines
22:54:18 <Rubidium> no, just drag the whole country with the convert too, and presto
22:54:31 <ikarus2k> geesh, those chineze sure have a nack to make even maglevs look cheap
22:54:39 <ikarus2k> (have a look at the interior)
22:54:42 <Rhamphoryncus> pfft. You know damn well that doesn't work on the trains, even in depots. Big pain to switch them over
22:56:06 *** ccfreak2k has quit IRC
22:56:34 <Rubidium> or... build a nice sign saying "Cht: Tracks 0 2" somewhere in China
22:56:37 *** csuke has quit IRC
22:57:12 *** ccfreak2k has joined #openttd
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22:58:11 *** ccfreak2k has quit IRC
22:58:45 <Zuu> Hehe, I like Bombardiers advertising on their website. It looks exactly like the same kind of advertising that the hearing aid manufacturs put on theri websites. Just that trains is just not really what most people would get/buy.
22:59:16 <Zuu> Nice pictures mixed with specs and sales speak.
23:02:39 *** ccfreak2k has joined #openttd
23:03:46 <MyCatVerbs> Zuu: most business-to-business engineering sales sites are like that, AFAIK.
23:05:14 *** zachanima has joined #openttd
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23:11:19 <fonsinchen> There is a cargopacket constructor which doesn't initialize anything
23:11:27 <fonsinchen> It is intended for save/load
23:12:36 <fonsinchen> as the memory isn't zeroed for cargo packets we need to be sure the saveload system fully initializes the packets ...
23:12:54 <fonsinchen> And that no one else calls this constructor.
23:15:27 <ikarus2k> im off
23:16:22 <ikarus2k> c u guys
23:16:22 *** ikarus2k has quit IRC
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23:16:41 * Rubidium points at valgrind
23:18:33 *** Phoenix_the_II has joined #openttd
23:21:17 *** Progman has quit IRC
23:21:33 <Rhamphoryncus> Eddi|zuHause: I got it working, thanks
23:22:05 <Zuu> Valgrind is indeed a really nice tool.
23:22:27 *** George has quit IRC
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23:34:18 <Terkhen> good night
23:34:18 *** Terkhen has quit IRC
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23:35:21 *** TrainzStoffe is now known as Stoffe
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